I and J

13 08 2007

I is for:

Inspiration and Ideas. At any given time I have more ideas than energy to execute them. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes out of necessity whether real or imagined, sometimes simply to please me. I get tons of catalogs and magazines in the mail and they all serve some sort of inspiration. Sometimes its color schemes, or the idea to recover a chair in patchwork. It can be to add lace to a plain tank, or to make something completely from scratch. Sometimes it takes looking over a few times to see something new.

Imagination. It is my personal belief that people with very active imaginations are afraid of the dark. I know I am, as is my husband (to a lesser degree) and my son is also showing signs that he is afraid as well. At my old house in Norfolk, I made a mad rush past my closet if I had to pass it in the night. Michael Myers and The Chainsaw Massacre guy were hiding in there waiting for me. I still have a hard time dangling a limb over the edge of the bed at night. And I still have to have at least a sheet covering me (because if the monsters can’t see you, they can’t get you.) Needless to say, I’ve stopped watching scary movies. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s a part of who I am. My mind only grows more active at night. Imagination can be both a blessing and a curse.

J is for:

Jokes. Humor is a huge part of our life. I think it’s one of the best things about my husband. He laughs at my jokes. Cale’s still learning and sometimes gets offended at stuff we say. He’ll learn. A family who laughs together stays together. šŸ˜€

jewelry storage
Jewelry. I’m not a diamonds and pearls kind of girl. But show me a rhinestone covered necklace and I’m in love. Show me something completely over the top. I like plastic. I like whimsy. And I make a lot. Although I wear a watch everyday, I don’t like bracelets very much. Or rings. And I like simple earrings. But mostly I love necklaces. I’m not really much of a jewelry box kind of girl either. So what does a girl do when her necklace collection expands constantly? She improvises with junk that’s on hand. I have visions of something more attractive once we get near a Home Depot or Michaels again, but for now I use an over the door towel holder and some S hooks. Our doors don’t work with anything like this so it was pretty much junk. But not anymore.



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