16 08 2007


little m

Mom planned a little trip
And took Cale to the mall
When she drove into the parking lot,
There were no cars at all!

Apparently even the mall is closed on the a big national holiday(the summer edition).

*Inspired by Dr Suess ABC

M is also for

Mad Mom who laughed manically, because it’s better than crying.

And for Mom Made the best of the day and took Cale swimming instead.

And Mom totally scored at the thrift store with Movies, More books, and Marbles, (plus a few other non M things, like non-gender specific baby clothes and clothes to repurpose.)

And Making stuff. I think I have my Mojo back. I almost completed an entire dress yesterday. Just need to add the details that make it special. But still procrastinating other things. 😀

And Movement. I have really been feeling the baby move lately.

And Medicines. I have very conflicted feelings towards all of the medicines I have been prescribed. I had a few symptom free days, but the nausea is returning. The antacids only dull it down to where I can do simple stuff like talk or brush my teeth. But it’s still there. So should I take the chance of it going to the baby or suffer.

Mustache man
And Mustaches. I hate them on my husband. All scratchy and rough on my oh-so-delicate skin. But on this guy, my heart skips a beat.

And Mornings. No, I don’t think it’s weird that my pajamas Match my tablecloth! Is it any wonder why I like wearing pj’s all day? 😀

PS. To any pregnancy police out there who are disturbed by my cappuccino, it helps my gallstones. And a cappo has very little coffee in it. And caffeine never killed anyone. So BACK OFF.

Thanks! 😀




3 responses

16 08 2007

are you kidding me? when i was pregnant i was hooked up to caffeine intraveinously.

16 08 2007

Hah! You tell ’em! (I’m jealous – I haven’t been able to stomach any tea or coffee at all since the very start of this pregnancy).

20 08 2007

I love the M post! Your poem is too funny, and Cale’s mustache is priceless. Your medicine decision is a tough one. What did the doctor say about what it could do to the baby? If he said it wouldn’t hurt the baby, I might take them if it were me. Only because if you’re nauceous all the time, how can you eat well, and get good nutrition to the baby anyway? Can you take it only when you’re feeling your worst? Or do you have to take it all the time? I dunno… that’s still a toughie. Anyway, talk to you later!

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