N is for…

18 08 2007

Now. Trying to live for today and not worry about what the future will bring. Summer has been made much more bearable by increasing our pool time. Cale has decided that he wants to swim in the big pool, by himself (with a life jacket.) It’s much more fun than the kiddie pool.

November. Despite what I just said, November is fast approaching. November is the last month I can fly, so if we’re leaving early we kind of need to know now! So yesterday our conversation went from “This is definitely what/where we’re going,” to “Oh, but if we stay here….” to this morning “How do you feel about Naples?” Man my husband is frustrating! So here we are, another day closer to November and I still know nothing. There’s so much to do either way, and I’m stuck unable to plan anything.

Notes/notebooks. I own about 50 notebooks and make notes all the time. Lists and lists of projects I want to do, stuff I want to make, etc. They just keep increasing and nothing is getting crossed off lately. I’m hoping that when Cale goes to school next month, I finally get some things done.



One response

18 08 2007

oooo… i love me some good list makin’ too.

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