P is for…

23 08 2007

A pause.

So I can just write normally. Who knew 26 letters could feel so stifling?

Today I drove 45 minutes to base so I could be brushed off after a 10 minute appointment.  I don’t know what my doctor’s hurry was, but he left without asking me if I had any questions or anything.  In fact, he never slid the examination thing back in, so I was left sitting with my feet sticking straight out in front of me.  He took forever to help me up when I was laying down.  Tuesday, I’m going in for my ultrasound and I’m going to see what I can do to get a new doctor.   I’ve never been pissed off and not even known it until I left.

It also looks like we will be leaving early.  Passports are taking 6 months right now and we just don’t have that kind of time!  Although it looks like I can stay until December at least.  I called my husband to talk to him about everything but he blew me off as well.  So I’m sitting here feeling very emotional and I’m pretty sure it’s all called for; not one of those crazy pregnant emotional fits you hear about.



One response

24 08 2007

My doctor left that thing sticking out like that too. It is very rude. The worst was when I was 9 and a half months and she just left me laying on my back.My huge belly weighed me down sooooo much, that I nearly NEVER made it back up into a sitting position that day! Don’t let it upset you too much tho. People are just rude rude rude now days!!!! Love ya lots!!!!

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