Q and R

27 08 2007

Quilts. My mom quilted. She was good too. We had a quilting rack suspended from our living room ceiling. When she wasn’t working on one at home, she would go visit an elderly lady who had a quilting rack in her little general store. She sold cokes in glass bottles and her store was covered in dust. But we loved going there and playing. Her quilts were usually scrap quilts, consisting mostly of double knit polyester pieces. I never knew that it would instill such a love of the homemade in me. My mom made each of us girls a quilt (I guess she gave up by the time my brother was born?) I still have mine. I used to drive cars along the paths and sort stuff into piles in each square. Now I enjoy making my own quilts. The quality is so much nicer than store bought ones. And I’m so anal about getting stuff exactly as I want it. I hate piecing and all of the math involved in designing one. I also hate all of the cutting. But I love love love hand quilting it.
childhood quilt

Quiet. I never have enough. Last night as I was sitting home without my husband, I was enjoying the quiet. My peace was ruined by something crawling up the curtain. I thought it was a large lizard. Nope. A mouse. Talk about freak out. It’s still here somewhere. He didn’t take my suggestion to go outside, ignoring my trail of cheese leading outside, to go in the kitchen. I’m still jumpy.
Questions. With a 3 year old they never end. But lately Cale gets really pissed if I don’t know the answer or if the answer is something he doesn’t like. He does ask some very intelligent questions though.

Quick. Man I am inpatient. I want everything to be quick, quick, quick. It rarely is.

Quaint. What I aspire my house to be. Or at least my bedroom…

`Quakes. I’ve experienced one small real one here and I keep thinking I feel them again. It happens a few times a week, sometimes waking me up at night. Am I crazy paranoid or just really sensitive to the earth’s movements? Probably crazy.

Quesadilla. Cale eats them every day sometimes. Its his favorite. He even makes them from playdough.


Reflecting. I can’t believe this kid who stands before me was a baby. He has really become his own person with his own opinions and thoughts. It’s so amazing.

Refashioning. One of my favorite things to do. I am planning a whole post on this though.

Re-buying baby stuff. When we first moved here, we were in a tiny apartment and I got rid of so much stuff. I never thought I would want another child. But here we are. So I’ve been buying used stuff for this baby. Yesterday I bought a rocking chair. I can’t wait to recover it.

Reality. This weekend I realized that my husband and I have two different versions of reality. Right now he has so much important stuff to worry about. I on the other hand, don’t. I can’t help him with any of his stuff either. So his reality is filled with job applications and trying to get MSCE certified. But I’m occupied with picking paint colors for our imaginary house and dreaming of baby nurseries. This has been causing small arguments as you can imagine. I’ll be so glad when its all over and we’re on the same page again. Then we can dream of paint colors together. 😀

Religious festivals. Friday we attended our first patron saint festival. I have pictures on FLickr for anyone interested. It was amazing and I’m so glad we went. The fireworks scared the crap out of Cale. I was afraid he was going to pee on me.
Cale and his dad



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