S and T

27 08 2007


Sweaters. I keep buying them for felting but so far I’ve haven’t done it yet. I have a few more than pictured. I buy them, get them home and decide that I like them. Like that brighter blue one? I may keep that one. It’s United Colors of Benetton. The pink one with the flowers is gorgeous, but I think it’s already partially felted.
sweaters for felting

Snuggling. I love snuggling Cale but he doesn’t love it quite as much. He only snuggles me if one of us are sick.

Sewing. You know I love sewing. And I’ve been getting to sew quite a bit lately. I can honestly say it’s the best skill I ever learned. There’s nothing more satisfying than wearing something you made, whether from scratch, or embellished.

Shoes. I bet I have more than 30 pairs of shoes. I love them so much. But it seems like I wear the same ones over and over. I need to wear my pretty ones more often.


Trays. I love trays. I buy them every chance I get. Not sure why.

Traveling. With such a small amount of time left here, traveling is limited. Hopefully we’ll get a few small trips in next month (when it’s cooler.)

Target. Oh Target, how I miss you. Is there another store quite so cool? Not in America. I’m coming for you baby!

Texas. Or Tejas. I grew up in Texas. And my family lives in Texas. And we’re hoping to return to Texas.

Thrift stores. Although the one here on base is cheap (bag sales), I really miss regular thrift stores. With vintage goods. I very seldom find anything old here, usually just books and clothes. Every time we go home, we check out a few. I’m always amazed at how much beautiful dishes are out there for so cheap! Especially Pyrex. Can’t wait.

Today. Nine years ago today I fell in love with my best friend. I never intended to. It just happened. He came home for his brother’s birthday and promised to see me. And it just kind of happened. It was magical and my stomach still gets butterflies thinking of that day. I love you Kevin. Wow, we’re getting old.



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