V and W

30 08 2007

V is for Very Big Thanks to everything who commented on my last post.  It’s so neat to hear that other people are as excited as I am.  I was so surprised and I guess I still am.  I keep giggling as I think of everything girly.

V is also for Very Exhausted.  This week has been so tiring.  Even though I stayed home today, I’m still exhausted.  Laundry and cleaning the house wears me out.

V is for Volcano.   While most people try to avoid them, I find them fascinating.  The damage can be see all over the place here.  There are entire villages under lava rock.  You can see where lava has blocked the entrances to places and burned homes down.  We live by the largest active volcano in Europe, Mt. Etna.  But I’m really interested in visiting Stromboli, an island off of Sicily.  I want to eat dinner while watching the natural fireworks that this volcano emits.  And as our time is coming to an end, it will be soon.  We have a 3 day weekend coming up and I’m hoping to spend at least one day there.

W is for wine.  Oh sweet wine, how I miss your loveliness.  Red is my favorite.  Before I got pregnant, I sampled the best tasting white wine ever though.   It was an almond wine and it was sooo good.



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