A Corner of My Home

27 09 2007

corner of my home

Click for notes.  I finally cleaned out my china cabinet today.  I keep collecting and it gets messier and messier.  I will probably repaint it when we move back to the states.  This has my heart beating a little faster (page 3).

Just feeling a little weird today.  I know that when you post stuff on the internet, you’re not anonymous anymore, but it still feels like you are.  When you find out that people who actually know you  are reading, you start to worry about censorship.  My sister has been reading for a while though, and it’s never bothered me though.  (She understands me and knows that my opinions and thoughts are well thought out and never ever intended to make her mad, right Lisa???)  And friends, I never mind them either.

I guess it’s the actively being sought out that’s weird.  For instance, I have a certain “secret admirer” we’ll say on flickr.  I never would have known, but when pictures are favorite’d, it tells you.  So I now know that someone is looking at my pictures and if they look long enough, my blog will be found as well.  (Have you found it?)  I wonder what that person thinks of my crafty work?

I’m just feeling a little stressed.  With this paperwork for my husband that may as well be written in Chinese,  a kid who has sworn off food, a normal amount of pregnancy fatigue, and an un-normal amount of braxton hicks contraction, I’m not a happy mama today.  I need some craft time.  Therapy.  Or maybe some ice cream.

Before I go, let me share with you another fabric website to take your money.  I have no clue how she is able to sell at those prices, but there’s some amazingly cute fabrics!!!  The Fabric Fairy 


Imaginary hate mail

25 09 2007

singing in the rain

Originally uploaded by craft.junkie.

*Dear Cale’s school,
Why did you have to cancel school today and tomorrow? You take my kid with promises of me having an entire 5 hours to myself, only to call and say you are bringing him home due to a “little rain in the school?” It’s called improvise. Take those lemons and make lemon…cello. Teach them to swim, geez people.

Dear background check paperwork so my husband can get a better job,
He’s been in the military for 10 freaking years! Must we really provide addresses for all that time? Look at his record, guys! Normal people don’t move often; military families move too much to keep track. So Mister Suckyson, you really suck!

Dear tile floor (and gravity),
You suck. How many things must break because of you? First a jar of nutella, then an entire job of miracle whip, a ton of glasses knocked over, but this weekend you went overboard when you broke a bottle of wine! I love wine. Why did you have to hurt me so bad? And the mess, so widespread and long lasting? You really suck.

*The first one is a joke. Although I’m bummed to lose my free time, I had nothing specific in mind anyways so I would have wasted it anyways. And Cale’s being good. I’m sure he’s just as bummed. He had an awesome day at school yesterday, so excited to be learning.

If I could send love mail, I would send it to:
+cooler weather
+the rain that has finally come (a blessing and a curse)
+oxy-clean. Thanks for cleaning stains that even I didn’t think you had the power for.
+Halloween. More specifically Halloween crafts, food and magazines.
+Martha, I’ve never stopped loving you. The Halloween issue is amazing. Even my husband was impressed.
+Ice cream.
+the prospect of baking. now just to decide what. so many good recipes….

This picture was taken yesterday during the sprinkles.  Today there’s actual rain.


24 09 2007

6 months pregnant
6 months along.

Cale hugging me and being weird with my skirt
If Cale can find something inappropriate to do, he will.

Funny picture
These guys always seem to dress alike. It’s always funny when Cale smiles while eating. Especially oreos.

View of our neighborhood from Mineo
I took this picture this morning after I dropped Cale off at school. It was overcast, but you can make our neighborhood out. It looks so far, but it’s only a 10 minute drive up a windy mountain road. It’s kind of fun to drive, with it’s 1 degree turns and all. Tomorrow he starts riding the bus, which gives me a ton more time to myself.

Today I spent my time cleaning up my work area so that I can have some fun tomorrow. I need to plan out my time so I don’t waste too much on the computer.

And on another note, today is the first time since May that I have personally seen rain.  Sprinkles but rain, never the less.  Love that rain smell.

Cale’s first day of school

19 09 2007

cale's first day of school!
Looks pretty happy to be there, doesn’t he? Would you believe that he woke up saying he didn’t want to go to school? He’s not used to getting up so early. He was nervous. But once in the class, he was fine.

cale in his classroom
Everyone speaks Italian. But he did great. They made the parents leave and I’m pretty proud to report that Cale was not a cryer! I snuck in and watched him. He just kind of followed the other kids. Pretty good for a first day.

Name tag for Cale's backpack
I was hoping to get to make him more stuff but so far this is it, a name tag for his backpack. I used half a sheet of shrink plastic and this is how small it turned out!  (I love shrinky dinks!)  And I embroidered his name on his smock that he has to wear everyday.

Last night all of my doubts about sending him came to me. It’s a pretty big thing, but I think he will do fine. I have chosen for him to go full time because of the wonderful opportunities that it provides. And I know we won’t be here for much longer, but it’s a chance he may not ever have again.

Besides worrying about sending Cale to school, I’ve been watching my belly as it bumps and jumps. It’s so funny to see. And I hit a garage sale this weekend, so I’ve been trying to resist posting all of the pink girl-y goodness!

Tomorrow is my first day at home alone. I have rarely ever been home by myself! I wonder if i will get lonely…

I’m an Oh-My-Gosh person

13 09 2007

I realized that last night as I said it for the millionth time that day. So many things are striking me as amazing. I think I’m starting to annoy my husband. But I can’t help it. Life is about loving the small things!

Things making me OMG:

  • Cale starts school next week!
  • It’s September, which means fall is upon us and more time has passed without me noticing.
  • I’m having a baby! And she’s a girl! Although I’ve had a child before, it never stops being amazing, the fact that I am making another person! That the other person I made now tells me stories and has opinions and is just so cool!
  • We’re moving in 2 1/2 months! Talks of packing out are happening.

All of these things are simply facts to my dear husband, but to me they’re reasons to stop and catch my breath. So much is happening, it’s all so crazy.

WIP's finished!
So here’s a few more things that I’m enjoying.

  • A craft to-do list that is mostly crossed off. Shrinky dink buttons, stuff measured, fabric bleached (not happy with it still, needs a pink over-dye I think!), shirt buttons (still need to be done). Not shown: another shrinky dink project to be revealed soon, dyed shirts, skirt finally finished.
    Quilt sandwich

  • Deserving of it’s own bullet: A long overdue gift for a friend. The quilt top is all sewn together and basted. All I need to do now is figure out the quilting and actually quilt it!
  • Pumpkin bread.  It’s the right season and I’m starting early this year!  I used a box mix, but I think I will use this recipe next time!
  • Eating dinner outside every night!  It has cooled off so much and it is now possible.
  • It’s time for soup!  I love soups!
  • Reading Cale a scary book yesterday and then hearing him tell his dad about it (I thought he wasn’t listening.)
  • The approach of Halloween and wanting to put stuff out now.
  • Puterin’.  As in “Dad does puterin’.”  I told Kevin to put that on his resume!
  • ”  Cale kept saying that one day and we would laugh and laugh.  His dad didn’t get the joke though and got annoyed.  It’s pretty gross actually.  There’s an awful smell in my kitchen and we have no clue where it’s coming from.  We think our friend, the mouse, died somewhere but we can’t find it.  It’s not in the walls, they’re tiled!  The smell goes away at night.  Its so weird.  And gross.  But where’s the funky is soooo funny!

I’m off to finish the last little bit of stuff on my list.  Back soon with a school supply post.

I love baby crafts

11 09 2007

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tutorials, inspiration sites, etc for babies and here it is.

If you know of any other good ones that I’ve missed, please let me know and I will add to it as I have time.

cute baby stuff for ms m.
This is some stuff i picked up Friday at the thrift store. Anyone noticing a theme? 😀

Some additional information I wanted to add were some pointers on making bibs.
For a pattern, I traced one of Cale’s old bibs that I liked. I always preferred the tie-on bibs versus velcro because he could rip the velcro ones off, even at a young age. I know ties can be dangerous for a small baby, but I never left a bib on him unattended; he only wore it while feeding. Snaps are another options so if you have access to a professional snap setter, that sounds great. Us normal people however do not, and sew on snaps don’t seem to be sturdy enough.
So for the ties, I use either store bought bias tape or I make my own. It is important that it is actually cut on the bias because this will allow it to stretch around the curves.
It is a pain in the ass to sew, I will not lie. You could do it the right way and sew on one side, then hand sew the other side on like a quilt, or you can do like I do and try to get it done at once. Zigzag stitching (or other fancy stitching) will make your job sooo much easier! That and pinning it like crazy. If you’re using store bought bias tape, you will notice that one side is slightly longer than the other. Put that side on the back and when you sew the shorter side on, you know it will catch the longer side!

My other tips are about care of handmade items. I know they look like you shouldn’t use them because so much work went into them, but they really are made to be used. Embroidery holds up excellent in the washing machine, even after being bleached.  And always remember that Spray `n Wash and Oxyclean are your friends!

Where does the time go?

11 09 2007

First week of Sept in review

I have no clue where the last week went. Some of these are from the week before as well.

1. Mt. Etna erupted last week.  Normally it just lets out lava but this time, it was quite a display.  I could see it all the way from our neighborhood, which is quite a distance away.

2, 3, 4.  Dishes I bought the week before at the Caleca factory.  No matter how many times I go or how much I buy, I wish I had bought more.  I’m greedy like that.

5. Cale at the beach.  We went Sunday and had a lovely time.  The water was clear and we walked a long ways out and could still see.  There were all kinds of little fish and beautiful marine plant life that I could have looked at all day.  I really wish I weren’t so afraid of the water.  I’d love to see more, but the thought of snorkeling or scuba diving freaks me the hell out.

6-11.  Saturday was spent with some girlfriends in a little town called Mistretta for the festival of the giants.  We had a lovely time, just getting away and drinking coke.  Italian coke is soooo good.

12.  This is Cale demonstrating his new hair cut.   And apparently one of his favorite books.  He sometimes reminds me of my little brother when he was little.  Maybe it’s just the muscle shirt…

The beach and riding the bus for 6 hours on Saturday made me dead to the world yesterday.   I could barely move and was exhausted.  I feel much better today.   I even got some work done.  I’m thinking about ordering some new fun feet for my machine, a ruffler and a walking foot.  A baby girl really calls for a ruffler I think, and she’s going to need a quilt right?  So a walking foot sounds good too.

Plus Cale starts school next week so it looks like I’m going to have a lot of lonely time on my hands.  Of course Cale starting school deserves a post of it’s own.  My baby is all grown up.  He’s actually kind of pissed that I have to go with him on his first day and that I have to drive him the first week.  He wants to ride the bus, by himself!  Don’t all kids?  His independence astounds me.  And saddens me.  I can’t believe it’s already time for him to go to school.