I love baby crafts

11 09 2007

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tutorials, inspiration sites, etc for babies and here it is.

If you know of any other good ones that I’ve missed, please let me know and I will add to it as I have time.

cute baby stuff for ms m.
This is some stuff i picked up Friday at the thrift store. Anyone noticing a theme? 😀

Some additional information I wanted to add were some pointers on making bibs.
For a pattern, I traced one of Cale’s old bibs that I liked. I always preferred the tie-on bibs versus velcro because he could rip the velcro ones off, even at a young age. I know ties can be dangerous for a small baby, but I never left a bib on him unattended; he only wore it while feeding. Snaps are another options so if you have access to a professional snap setter, that sounds great. Us normal people however do not, and sew on snaps don’t seem to be sturdy enough.
So for the ties, I use either store bought bias tape or I make my own. It is important that it is actually cut on the bias because this will allow it to stretch around the curves.
It is a pain in the ass to sew, I will not lie. You could do it the right way and sew on one side, then hand sew the other side on like a quilt, or you can do like I do and try to get it done at once. Zigzag stitching (or other fancy stitching) will make your job sooo much easier! That and pinning it like crazy. If you’re using store bought bias tape, you will notice that one side is slightly longer than the other. Put that side on the back and when you sew the shorter side on, you know it will catch the longer side!

My other tips are about care of handmade items. I know they look like you shouldn’t use them because so much work went into them, but they really are made to be used. Embroidery holds up excellent in the washing machine, even after being bleached.  And always remember that Spray `n Wash and Oxyclean are your friends!




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