Where does the time go?

11 09 2007

First week of Sept in review

I have no clue where the last week went. Some of these are from the week before as well.

1. Mt. Etna erupted last week.  Normally it just lets out lava but this time, it was quite a display.  I could see it all the way from our neighborhood, which is quite a distance away.

2, 3, 4.  Dishes I bought the week before at the Caleca factory.  No matter how many times I go or how much I buy, I wish I had bought more.  I’m greedy like that.

5. Cale at the beach.  We went Sunday and had a lovely time.  The water was clear and we walked a long ways out and could still see.  There were all kinds of little fish and beautiful marine plant life that I could have looked at all day.  I really wish I weren’t so afraid of the water.  I’d love to see more, but the thought of snorkeling or scuba diving freaks me the hell out.

6-11.  Saturday was spent with some girlfriends in a little town called Mistretta for the festival of the giants.  We had a lovely time, just getting away and drinking coke.  Italian coke is soooo good.

12.  This is Cale demonstrating his new hair cut.   And apparently one of his favorite books.  He sometimes reminds me of my little brother when he was little.  Maybe it’s just the muscle shirt…

The beach and riding the bus for 6 hours on Saturday made me dead to the world yesterday.   I could barely move and was exhausted.  I feel much better today.   I even got some work done.  I’m thinking about ordering some new fun feet for my machine, a ruffler and a walking foot.  A baby girl really calls for a ruffler I think, and she’s going to need a quilt right?  So a walking foot sounds good too.

Plus Cale starts school next week so it looks like I’m going to have a lot of lonely time on my hands.  Of course Cale starting school deserves a post of it’s own.  My baby is all grown up.  He’s actually kind of pissed that I have to go with him on his first day and that I have to drive him the first week.  He wants to ride the bus, by himself!  Don’t all kids?  His independence astounds me.  And saddens me.  I can’t believe it’s already time for him to go to school.



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