I’m an Oh-My-Gosh person

13 09 2007

I realized that last night as I said it for the millionth time that day. So many things are striking me as amazing. I think I’m starting to annoy my husband. But I can’t help it. Life is about loving the small things!

Things making me OMG:

  • Cale starts school next week!
  • It’s September, which means fall is upon us and more time has passed without me noticing.
  • I’m having a baby! And she’s a girl! Although I’ve had a child before, it never stops being amazing, the fact that I am making another person! That the other person I made now tells me stories and has opinions and is just so cool!
  • We’re moving in 2 1/2 months! Talks of packing out are happening.

All of these things are simply facts to my dear husband, but to me they’re reasons to stop and catch my breath. So much is happening, it’s all so crazy.

WIP's finished!
So here’s a few more things that I’m enjoying.

  • A craft to-do list that is mostly crossed off. Shrinky dink buttons, stuff measured, fabric bleached (not happy with it still, needs a pink over-dye I think!), shirt buttons (still need to be done). Not shown: another shrinky dink project to be revealed soon, dyed shirts, skirt finally finished.
    Quilt sandwich

  • Deserving of it’s own bullet: A long overdue gift for a friend. The quilt top is all sewn together and basted. All I need to do now is figure out the quilting and actually quilt it!
  • Pumpkin bread.  It’s the right season and I’m starting early this year!  I used a box mix, but I think I will use this recipe next time!
  • Eating dinner outside every night!  It has cooled off so much and it is now possible.
  • It’s time for soup!  I love soups!
  • Reading Cale a scary book yesterday and then hearing him tell his dad about it (I thought he wasn’t listening.)
  • The approach of Halloween and wanting to put stuff out now.
  • Puterin’.  As in “Dad does puterin’.”  I told Kevin to put that on his resume!
  • ”  Cale kept saying that one day and we would laugh and laugh.  His dad didn’t get the joke though and got annoyed.  It’s pretty gross actually.  There’s an awful smell in my kitchen and we have no clue where it’s coming from.  We think our friend, the mouse, died somewhere but we can’t find it.  It’s not in the walls, they’re tiled!  The smell goes away at night.  Its so weird.  And gross.  But where’s the funky is soooo funny!

I’m off to finish the last little bit of stuff on my list.  Back soon with a school supply post.




7 responses

13 09 2007

that quilt top is *gorgeous*!!

14 09 2007

I had to comment because that quilty is *amazing.* The colors ar fantastic, I just love it.

15 09 2007

I have been wanting to make that quilt. I like the colors that you used. How are you going to quilt it?

17 09 2007

I love pumpkin bread and soup season. It is My Favorite. And I definitely think making a human is the supreme craft. Oh. My. Gosh.

And I love it when the little people get so chatty that they can tell us their jokes. Seriously what could be better?

Sounds like you are livin’ the dream! keep it up!

19 09 2007

Life sure sounds busy and a new one on in progress – great news! I hope your son enjoys school! The little girl of my friends in Fermo, Marche region started on Monday!

23 09 2007

I love the colors and the simplicity of the pattern! I wish I could quilt~

4 12 2007

How do you make shrinky dink buttons?

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