Cale’s first day of school

19 09 2007

cale's first day of school!
Looks pretty happy to be there, doesn’t he? Would you believe that he woke up saying he didn’t want to go to school? He’s not used to getting up so early. He was nervous. But once in the class, he was fine.

cale in his classroom
Everyone speaks Italian. But he did great. They made the parents leave and I’m pretty proud to report that Cale was not a cryer! I snuck in and watched him. He just kind of followed the other kids. Pretty good for a first day.

Name tag for Cale's backpack
I was hoping to get to make him more stuff but so far this is it, a name tag for his backpack. I used half a sheet of shrink plastic and this is how small it turned out!  (I love shrinky dinks!)  And I embroidered his name on his smock that he has to wear everyday.

Last night all of my doubts about sending him came to me. It’s a pretty big thing, but I think he will do fine. I have chosen for him to go full time because of the wonderful opportunities that it provides. And I know we won’t be here for much longer, but it’s a chance he may not ever have again.

Besides worrying about sending Cale to school, I’ve been watching my belly as it bumps and jumps. It’s so funny to see. And I hit a garage sale this weekend, so I’ve been trying to resist posting all of the pink girl-y goodness!

Tomorrow is my first day at home alone. I have rarely ever been home by myself! I wonder if i will get lonely…



2 responses

19 09 2007

LOVE his tag. and his backpack.

yeah, it’s hard to see them go. but you know? it’s the best. besides, who wants to raise kids who are afraid to go into the world and stand on their own two feet?

19 09 2007

Glad to hear he had a great day! I am depressed now tho. Cale is off to school, and next month, I will celebrate Trinton’s 1st birthday. Man, how time flies!

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