24 09 2007

6 months pregnant
6 months along.

Cale hugging me and being weird with my skirt
If Cale can find something inappropriate to do, he will.

Funny picture
These guys always seem to dress alike. It’s always funny when Cale smiles while eating. Especially oreos.

View of our neighborhood from Mineo
I took this picture this morning after I dropped Cale off at school. It was overcast, but you can make our neighborhood out. It looks so far, but it’s only a 10 minute drive up a windy mountain road. It’s kind of fun to drive, with it’s 1 degree turns and all. Tomorrow he starts riding the bus, which gives me a ton more time to myself.

Today I spent my time cleaning up my work area so that I can have some fun tomorrow. I need to plan out my time so I don’t waste too much on the computer.

And on another note, today is the first time since May that I have personally seen rain.  Sprinkles but rain, never the less.  Love that rain smell.



5 responses

24 09 2007

eek! look how cute you are!

and hey, at least he doesn’t have his hand down your shirt. it could be worse.

24 09 2007

oh how lucky are you to have that for a view!!

simply stunning 🙂

24 09 2007

You all are so cute. Love your skirt too! 🙂
That view ain’t bad either.

25 09 2007

Emy, Emy, Dear sweet Emy,
I just got your package today and holy smokes mama! You really outdid yourself! That was so fun to open and admire all the goodies-food AND fabric. Awesome. The onesies are adorable and I really love the colors of the bib. So good. And of course, the big sis/lil bro combo is great. I’m sure the junk food will be gone by tomorrow. Yep, I’m a pig. Thank you so much Emy for all your thoughtfulness and for the hard work you put into this special gift. Thank you. I really appreciate it all. 🙂
—I could NOT find your email address. I mean I know Ilovepantsmelons but that’s as far as my watery memory got me. 😛
love to ya-

25 09 2007

You look beautiful ! Your daughter is going to look just as beautiful ! Can’t wait to see you guys in December !

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