Imaginary hate mail

25 09 2007

singing in the rain

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*Dear Cale’s school,
Why did you have to cancel school today and tomorrow? You take my kid with promises of me having an entire 5 hours to myself, only to call and say you are bringing him home due to a “little rain in the school?” It’s called improvise. Take those lemons and make lemon…cello. Teach them to swim, geez people.

Dear background check paperwork so my husband can get a better job,
He’s been in the military for 10 freaking years! Must we really provide addresses for all that time? Look at his record, guys! Normal people don’t move often; military families move too much to keep track. So Mister Suckyson, you really suck!

Dear tile floor (and gravity),
You suck. How many things must break because of you? First a jar of nutella, then an entire job of miracle whip, a ton of glasses knocked over, but this weekend you went overboard when you broke a bottle of wine! I love wine. Why did you have to hurt me so bad? And the mess, so widespread and long lasting? You really suck.

*The first one is a joke. Although I’m bummed to lose my free time, I had nothing specific in mind anyways so I would have wasted it anyways. And Cale’s being good. I’m sure he’s just as bummed. He had an awesome day at school yesterday, so excited to be learning.

If I could send love mail, I would send it to:
+cooler weather
+the rain that has finally come (a blessing and a curse)
+oxy-clean. Thanks for cleaning stains that even I didn’t think you had the power for.
+Halloween. More specifically Halloween crafts, food and magazines.
+Martha, I’ve never stopped loving you. The Halloween issue is amazing. Even my husband was impressed.
+Ice cream.
+the prospect of baking. now just to decide what. so many good recipes….

This picture was taken yesterday during the sprinkles.  Today there’s actual rain.




One response

25 09 2007

I had a really long comment but it got erased… it went something like this:

“teach them to swim” LMAO this laugh was much needed and made my night better so thankyou thankyou I’ll have to check out Martha’s new mag then, b/c I love halloween too, mainly because it’s my birthday, and well it’s just the coolest holiday there is. Speaking of magazines, I still haven’t gotten my Bust magazine in, which I ordered the day you posted about your article. Sucky. Oh, and I probably won’t be here for Halloween (or the day after) so, I will bring by the special craft project, if you’d like. They came with recipes too. I’m bummed I won’t be able to make them with you, I was looking foward to it. But I really do need a trip home. geez. I hate how our schedules hardly coordinate. bah. I should be studying for my test tomorrow, instead of rewriting this long ass comment that it turned out to be lol. I shoulda just emailed you. hah. oh well. Looking foward to Sunday dinner! =)

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