A Corner of My Home

27 09 2007

corner of my home

Click for notes.  I finally cleaned out my china cabinet today.  I keep collecting and it gets messier and messier.  I will probably repaint it when we move back to the states.  This has my heart beating a little faster (page 3).

Just feeling a little weird today.  I know that when you post stuff on the internet, you’re not anonymous anymore, but it still feels like you are.  When you find out that people who actually know you  are reading, you start to worry about censorship.  My sister has been reading for a while though, and it’s never bothered me though.  (She understands me and knows that my opinions and thoughts are well thought out and never ever intended to make her mad, right Lisa???)  And friends, I never mind them either.

I guess it’s the actively being sought out that’s weird.  For instance, I have a certain “secret admirer” we’ll say on flickr.  I never would have known, but when pictures are favorite’d, it tells you.  So I now know that someone is looking at my pictures and if they look long enough, my blog will be found as well.  (Have you found it?)  I wonder what that person thinks of my crafty work?

I’m just feeling a little stressed.  With this paperwork for my husband that may as well be written in Chinese,  a kid who has sworn off food, a normal amount of pregnancy fatigue, and an un-normal amount of braxton hicks contraction, I’m not a happy mama today.  I need some craft time.  Therapy.  Or maybe some ice cream.

Before I go, let me share with you another fabric website to take your money.  I have no clue how she is able to sell at those prices, but there’s some amazingly cute fabrics!!!  The Fabric Fairy 



3 responses

28 09 2007

I came across your blog quite a few months ago while surfing my regular reads. So glad I finally got a chance to come over today and comment. I do know what you mean about putting yourself out there via blogging and flickr. I love the process of blogging and yet I don’t share some things because I know certain people are reading this and it just makes me feel uncomfortable at the thought of them knowing something that I might otherwise not shared with them. On Flickr, I have one or two innocent contacts who seem to always be there. I guess it’s the price we pay for sharing our lives via the internet.

Happy Friday!

10 10 2007

I actually think Flickr is a good way to drive traffic to your blog, but I guess it depends on what you are using Flickr for. And perhaps what you are blogging for. 🙂

Either way, putting yourself out there can be a good thing too!

Your cabinet is super cute with it’s dotty background.

29 10 2007

uhhh i think you should send that wonderful piece of furniture to me, aI decided to do my kitchen in cherries, and im having a very hard time finding anything in cherry print..but ive managed to get a few things…

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