Hello October!

2 10 2007

hello October!
I love me some gerber daisies! Too bad they’ve been dying so quickly lately! Must be the warm weather. The “vase” is a candle holder with a glass vase inside. And I made the spiderweb thingy. I love Halloween and I have been wanting to get all of out stuff out since September. Especially since we won’t have our own place to decorate for Christmas.

October means we have 2 months left here. It seems so short for the amount of stuff we have to do. And even though it will be close to 6 months since our last international flight, I’m dreading it.
October also means a very special secret project gift for my husband. I have to keep it secret in case he reads this though.
And last but not least, it means Halloween. And costumes. And I’m ashamed to admit the words that have come out of my mouth recently, but they contained the words “boot-tops” and “jabot” and talking about needing them. (I know only one reader gets that reference so sorry to the rest of you.) In my days of working at a costume shop, those were things we made fun of. And it just so happens that they are because my sweet son wants to wear the costume that we thought was the lamest, a pirate. Life is funny!

Cale went back to school this week and I have gotten a ton of stuff done. Unfortunately, I’m still nowhere near finishing the quilt so I better get to work! It’s so much easier to work on during the day.



3 responses

2 10 2007

i love october. and only two months left? you’re not freaking out enough yet, my dear. 😉

2 10 2007

I have always loved October and Halloween myself! This year October is even more special to me tho. We will celebrate Trinton’s first birthday. This make me rather sad. Love the vase and flowers. They look great!

5 10 2007

i have tagged you, come over to my blog and find out the rules. If you want to.

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