31 10 2007

screenshot growing blogs
Look what I found. I’m number 98 on growing blogs. Better start posting more!

Family of Jack o lanterns
I love these so much. They’re so representative of who we are. Kevin with his serious face (that I know is a facade), me with sleepy eyes, and Cale, silly, dirty and scruffy. His cracks me up the most. I helped him with the main carving, then he went and stabbed it a few hundred times and colored on it. He thinks the mouth with the tongue sticking out looks like an upside down cowboy hat.

Baby shower diaper cake
Sunday was my baby shower. It was a cute overload. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so overwhelmed by cuteness before. Look at my diaper cake. If you think explaining a baby shower to a 3 year old is hard, try explaining a diaper cake. I love it though.

And in other news, we now have our flight itinerary and today everything else should be scheduled. Stuff is about to get crazy here. Can you believe that tomorrow is November? Time has flown! I have so much to do and so little time. I wonder if my husband(who just asked me to pack sensibly) will be pissed about me wanting to keep my sewing machine and a small craft stash with me. 😀  I’m going to be bored once our stuff is gone.

Coming soon: secret project in the works that might be controversial to our family, thank you gifts for the lovely ladies who held my baby shower, Star Wars table turned cute, and how to make maternity clothes more stylish.



2 responses

31 10 2007

whoa. that’s quite the “cake”.

and woohoo for the growing blog thing! awesome!

4 11 2007

Oh I love the girly pumpkin!

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