Empty house + kid at school = lots of time to craft

20 11 2007

Quilt WIP
I’m trying to get as much as I can before Cale’s last day of school (tomorrow) and before I have to ship more stuff out (late next week.) Wow, time has flown. It’s already Thanksgiving. We already celebrated a few weeks and are hoping to go to Rome instead. It’s our last chance.
Anyways, on to the quilt. This will be for my elbow-y, kick-y little girl. What started out as simple turned more complicated as more and more concepts came together that I wanted to incorporate. There is just too much great vintage embroidery out there to not add any. And then I saw Amy’s Bend the Rules Sewing Lap Blanket. Okay, so I don’t own this book (yet) so its really more inspired by the different variations I’ve seen of it. Today I finished all the major row piecing. I still need to finish the other 5 embroidered squares and piece it all together. It’s even more lovely than I imagined it to be, so far.

Granny squares
At nights I work on granny squares. I have no grand illusions that I could make a blanket, but I do want a scarf. And I’m hoping to make a hat after that (one color, different design.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Pink truffles

9 11 2007

pink mushroom drawer pulls
Pink mushrooms. Even cuter than red? I really want pretty glass ones but they will have to wait until we get back to the states. So for now, this works. By the way, my husband hates the dresser. I need to take complete pictures. I think it will look a billion times better once its in a room with painted walls.

thank you gifts to hosts of my baby shower
And thanks you gifts for the hostesses of my baby shower. I wanted a simple, yet impressive gift for them. The boxes took longer than the truffles. I made them too small though, so I wasn’t able to fit as many as I wanted. Recipe can be found here.  Mine aren’t perfect but who cares?  It’s not like they will last long anyways.  These babies are addictive!

I’m off to do more moving stuff.  CD designers who neglect to put information on them should be shot.  Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has to inventory their CD collection!  Packing sucks too.  I’m trying to get my maternity clothes worn, but we’ll be traveling to different climates, plus I might be a whole lot smaller by the time I see my clothes again.  😀  Cale too, but bigger.  One more reason to shake my fist at my husband!

A girl has to have her priorities

7 11 2007

That’s what I kept telling myself Monday morning as I started painting Cale’s changing table. Blue furniture will never work in the baby’s pink room! And yes, I must get it done NOW because our furniture will not arrive until after the baby is born and who knows how long it will take me to find time to do it then.
Painted dresser
It has taken 4 coats of paint to make it white. So two days of painting and today I will do the final finishing work on it. It still needs to be distressed and the parts that are still blue will be covered in pretty paper.
crackley goodness
I’m loving the crackle.
Recovered rocking chair
I also took the time to recover the rocking chair and distress it as well. Cale asked why I was making everything so pretty. What a nice kid.

Yesterday I found out that the movers will be here on Tuesday!  Our truck is being shipped today!  Everything has come so quickly and I felt a little overwhelmed by it all.  Still, I’m sticking with this stuff getting done, because in the end I will be happy I did it now.

After Tuesday, everything goes back to smooth sailing for a few weeks.  I get to keep my sewing machine for a little longer, a stash of fabric and some yarn so I can keep busy.  I’m not looking forward to an empty house full of loaner furniture.  They don’t call it “Flintstone furniture” for no reason!

PS.  It only took me 3 days, but I figured out how to make granny squares.  Nobody told me that crochet is a million times easier than knitting!

Recovered table and Dia de los Muertos

2 11 2007

Star wars table, no more!
Remember ages ago when I said I was going to recover Cale’s ugly star wars table? I finally got around to it. His initial reaction was not good. He still has no clue who Darth Vadar is, but he asked for his “mean man.” And cried. But now he says nothing. And it’s much easier for me to look at.

Now on to the potentially controversial project that I’ve been working on. A few months ago I decided to have a Dia de los Muertos celebration, honoring my father in law, Jack who died in May. This is the sort of thing I have to keep to myself, because Kevin would have vetoed the idea, I’m sure. And I like surprising him. Jack’s death still breaks my heart and probably always will. And this is in no way meant to be offensive, but rather a celebration of who he was and how much we loved him.
Dia de los muertos shrine
I painted the picture of him reading. He loved books so much.
close up of shrine
Here’s a close up. Click for notes.
sugar skulls, naked
And some sugar skulls, drying. White chocolate ones are in the fridge. I plan on painting a few but I know my husband will enjoy them too.

Normally you make the person’s favorite foods, but I’m not sure what his favorite food was. And my questions were answered with I-don’t-know’s from my husband. I plan on making lemon bars though. He loved lemon meringue pie, so the sugar skulls and the lemon bars are appropriate. He was diabetic and absolutely loved sweets.

I truly believe that Jack would be proud of this tribute. He was one of my biggest supporters of my artistic endeavors.

So today we honor Jack for who he was and celebrate his life. No crying allowed. This is a happy day of remembrance. And I really hope that none of my family are offended by this. Please see it as the loving tribute that it is.