Recovered table and Dia de los Muertos

2 11 2007

Star wars table, no more!
Remember ages ago when I said I was going to recover Cale’s ugly star wars table? I finally got around to it. His initial reaction was not good. He still has no clue who Darth Vadar is, but he asked for his “mean man.” And cried. But now he says nothing. And it’s much easier for me to look at.

Now on to the potentially controversial project that I’ve been working on. A few months ago I decided to have a Dia de los Muertos celebration, honoring my father in law, Jack who died in May. This is the sort of thing I have to keep to myself, because Kevin would have vetoed the idea, I’m sure. And I like surprising him. Jack’s death still breaks my heart and probably always will. And this is in no way meant to be offensive, but rather a celebration of who he was and how much we loved him.
Dia de los muertos shrine
I painted the picture of him reading. He loved books so much.
close up of shrine
Here’s a close up. Click for notes.
sugar skulls, naked
And some sugar skulls, drying. White chocolate ones are in the fridge. I plan on painting a few but I know my husband will enjoy them too.

Normally you make the person’s favorite foods, but I’m not sure what his favorite food was. And my questions were answered with I-don’t-know’s from my husband. I plan on making lemon bars though. He loved lemon meringue pie, so the sugar skulls and the lemon bars are appropriate. He was diabetic and absolutely loved sweets.

I truly believe that Jack would be proud of this tribute. He was one of my biggest supporters of my artistic endeavors.

So today we honor Jack for who he was and celebrate his life. No crying allowed. This is a happy day of remembrance. And I really hope that none of my family are offended by this. Please see it as the loving tribute that it is.



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2 11 2007

Emy this turned out beautiful! This is exactly what I had wanted to do for my great grandma. Maybe next year. I really love Dia de los muertos. Knowing our loved ones are still watching over us is so comforting to me and they know when we do things in their honor. I’m sure your father in law loved it. 🙂 How did the painted sugar skulls turn out? Talk to you later!

2 11 2007

Hi, stumbled across your blog and wanted to tell you that is a wonderful tribute you created for your father in law.

3 11 2007
jennifer w.

Truly wonderful. I wish I had thought to do the same for my FIL.

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