Pink truffles

9 11 2007

pink mushroom drawer pulls
Pink mushrooms. Even cuter than red? I really want pretty glass ones but they will have to wait until we get back to the states. So for now, this works. By the way, my husband hates the dresser. I need to take complete pictures. I think it will look a billion times better once its in a room with painted walls.

thank you gifts to hosts of my baby shower
And thanks you gifts for the hostesses of my baby shower. I wanted a simple, yet impressive gift for them. The boxes took longer than the truffles. I made them too small though, so I wasn’t able to fit as many as I wanted. Recipe can be found here.  Mine aren’t perfect but who cares?  It’s not like they will last long anyways.  These babies are addictive!

I’m off to do more moving stuff.  CD designers who neglect to put information on them should be shot.  Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has to inventory their CD collection!  Packing sucks too.  I’m trying to get my maternity clothes worn, but we’ll be traveling to different climates, plus I might be a whole lot smaller by the time I see my clothes again.  😀  Cale too, but bigger.  One more reason to shake my fist at my husband!



2 responses

10 11 2007

cant wait to have you back in the states at all. we miss you alot more than you would ever think. i love you. youre an awesome sister and you mean the world to me. love jen

12 11 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I think about you all the time. I am so proud of you Emy. Like Jen I will be glad to havr you back in the states. I love you. Mom

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