8 01 2008

39 weeks today.  I went to my new doctor yesterday and I’m only 1 1/2 cm dilated.  😦  I was really hoping to be further along by now.  I go to get dressed and put on a shirt that I think fits only to realize at the end of the day that I’ve been showing about 5 inches of belly all day.

In other news, we will be moving to Boulder, CO in a few weeks.  Kevin got a new job there.   It will be the furthest North I’ve ever been/lived.  Can a girl from the south survive all the snow?  We will see.

Hopefully my next post will be pictures of my lovely (although kick-y and elbow-y) baby.



4 responses

9 01 2008
jennifer w.

I was sooo curious how things were going! Looking forward to lovely baby pics soon! And please send me your new addy when you get a chance, ok!

Sending good thoughts!

9 01 2008

Come on out baby! We are all ready to meet you, you gorgeous little thing. 🙂

9 01 2008

you’re so close to being done! or beginning, how you look at it!

11 01 2008

Almost there!

P.S. I LOVE Boulder, CO. It is so pretty and full of creative energy!


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