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31 03 2008

our new house

This is our new house. We’ll be living there in about 2 weeks. We’re all pretty excited. Lots of fun plans are being made. Cale’s excited about getting his toys back. I think it will be like Christmas, getting all of our stuff back.
It looks small on the outside, but is actually quite big. It has a basement that needs a little bit of work to be finished. I’ve never had a basement. I can’t decide its its cool or creepy. We love the neighborhood. It reminds me of our neighborhood in Sicily. Its in a valley surrounded by mountains. There’s a lake that is stocked. Cale can’t wait to go fishing. I can’t wait to have picnics by it. Our house is across from the park and the pool. I really think we’re going to love it there.

favorite room in new house
This is our “sun room.” Its pretty big, too big to be a dining room. We have no clue what to do with it. There’s already a sitting area with a fire place, plue a living room, plus the basement will have seating. I would love to use it as a sun room but do we really need more seating? The light is so beautiful.

future craft room
And here is my future craft room. (Kevin says his computer will be in here too.) 😛 I love the shelves but I’m not a fan of pine, so it will all be painted white. It’s in the basement. I can’t wait.

Until then though, we’re staying in Kevin’s boss’s rental house. It’s tiny and we keep having plumbing problems. Of course they happen when I’m by myself with 2 kids. We’re doing good though. Lots of bonding time with the kids. I feel like Cale and I kind of grew apart for a while. I know he misses his dad though and I am no substitute for him. Mom’s don’t wrestle. He keeps me laughing though.

In other news, Mabel is teething. At 11 weeks old, she is getting her first tooth, a molar. I know it sounds crazy but I can see it and feel it. A baby that young cannot even hold her own teething ring to chew on. And most teething rings are too big for her tiny mouth. Thank goodness for teething tablets and lanolin (for me.)



3 responses

1 04 2008

Very nice! Congrats! I bet you can’t wait to get settled in! Hope things are going well. 🙂

1 04 2008

oh! and I can’t believe she’s already teething! wow!! 😦

29 07 2008

YES! Never underestimate the power of white paint on pine! Go for it.

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