old school cool

27 06 2008

Have you seen these cool toys? I love them so much. i just bought Mabel the chatter telephone. I remember loving it as a child.

i need this

And this! I need this. As all of my family knows, I never learned to ride a bike. Now picture this baby in pink (or aqua!)

Balance schmalance! Coordination? Who needs it? This bike is cute and practical! Add a front basket and I can put Cale in the back and Mabel in the front. (just kidding)

My husband is a bit dismayed that this is the bike I want (he’s been bugging me for years to bike ride with him, even trying to teach me on his way too big bike.)  I think he’s embarrassed by it!!  But I love it.  Now I need a good gift occasion for a reason to get it.  I think breastfeeding for 6 months warrants such a gift!!!

So whatcha think?  Cool or geeky?


linky loos

25 06 2008

Get ready to lose a few hours.  Here’s a few really inspiring places on the web that make me wish that I had more time.  Some might already be known to you, but maybe someone else didn’t know of them.

Sugar City Journal beautiful kid’s clothes blog

Doe C Doe embroidery patterns
Roses are Blue…
craft blog. i love her guitar straps!

pretty little things maker of lovely dolls, blog of pretty stuff

Mamma Made lovely craft blog featuring tutes on how to get your designs ready for spoonflower! (custom fabric printing) the invites come quickly

Agence eureka a French blog full of vintage ephemera. link to paper dolls

Grosgrain inspiring blog of children’s clothing

Sewing Blogs – A big list of Sewing and Craft Blogs from Suzical.co.uk

Skinny laMinx blog of an amazing designer

craftershock – all things crafty showcases crafts/ craftspeople

The Decal Cottage cute decal shop

www.doityourselfchic.com shop of wooden appliques

mama said shop blog that showcases lots of cool etsy finds

yummygoods pretty craft blog. lots of patchworky goodness

orange you lucky! cute illustration blog

ThreadBanger super cool DIY videos

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh nurseries, kids rooms and design for kids

Naughty Secretary Club kitsch, beads and fun stuff

CraftStylish – Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Paper Crafts, Embroidery, Jewelry Making, and more

Skull-A-Day blog of all things skull-y

Craftside (coolest blog name ever) craft blog focusing on craft books

a stitch in dye amazing blog of a textile artist.

needle book pretty craft blog

bloesom kids showcases shops aimed at kids

Confessions of a Craft Addict a blog about beautiful kid’s clothes

Pink Mohair really funny blog by a mom who loves pink

casapinka pink mohair’s blog about her lovely pink-filled home

Berlin’s Whimsy blog with a cool scrubby dish cloth pattern

wiener alert, wiener alert

3 06 2008


Dear Abby,

I signed up for a local mommy group and planned to attend an event today.  I got the kids all ready to go and headed out.  I arrived at the park and that’s when it happened.  I wienered out.  I still went.  But I felt so intimidated.  I didn’t talk to anyone.  They all know each other and have their little buddy groups and I just felt too shy.  Much like Cale who clings to my legs around new people, I cowered on a park bench, observing them, trying to work up the courage to go say hi.  By the time that maybe I could have, an hour had passed so I didn’t want to look weird so I never said anything.  Which maybe is weirder.  I don’t know.  I miss my Sicily MOMS Club.

So I did what anyone would do in such a situation.  I let Cale play a little bit, then headed out to drown my sorrows in ice cream.  A lady stopped and talked to Mabel and her little lip started quivering.  I guess she’s shy as well.

I still hate being called shy.  People say it so negatively.  In a tone like they feel sorry for you.  (Hey, maybe I just prefer my own company!!!!) I guess I would rather be a “wiener” any day.


Friendless in Frederick

It’s been a while…

2 06 2008

recent pics

Some days fly by and are gone before I even know what happened. More often than not, all I accomplished was feeding my children, (one a little more than others!) We received all of our stuff and are still in the progress of getting our life back to normal.

Along with unpacking, there’s been a little sewing and garage saling. And every chance I get, I visit local antique shops. There’s so much goodness to be found. I’ve been trying to only buy what is actually needed instead of every pretty thing I see. Today I had to take Kevin to the airport so on the way back I stopped by these two lovely shops.  Oh my goodness!  So much loveliness!!!  Cale was so good.  I convinced him that we are treasure hunting.  I ended up finding a vintage step stool like I have been wanting.  Woo hoo!  The area between our house and the airport is so chocked full of cute little antique shops.  Luckily Kevin travels a lot so I will have many more chances to see them.

I have started feeding Mabel rice cereal even though I wanted to start later.  She snatched a cookie out of my hand one day.  And she watches every single bite we take, smacking her lips and drooling.  She adores Cale.

More pics to come once the house is a little more prettied up.  That’s my goal this week.