It’s been a while…

2 06 2008

recent pics

Some days fly by and are gone before I even know what happened. More often than not, all I accomplished was feeding my children, (one a little more than others!) We received all of our stuff and are still in the progress of getting our life back to normal.

Along with unpacking, there’s been a little sewing and garage saling. And every chance I get, I visit local antique shops. There’s so much goodness to be found. I’ve been trying to only buy what is actually needed instead of every pretty thing I see. Today I had to take Kevin to the airport so on the way back I stopped by these two lovely shops.  Oh my goodness!  So much loveliness!!!  Cale was so good.  I convinced him that we are treasure hunting.  I ended up finding a vintage step stool like I have been wanting.  Woo hoo!  The area between our house and the airport is so chocked full of cute little antique shops.  Luckily Kevin travels a lot so I will have many more chances to see them.

I have started feeding Mabel rice cereal even though I wanted to start later.  She snatched a cookie out of my hand one day.  And she watches every single bite we take, smacking her lips and drooling.  She adores Cale.

More pics to come once the house is a little more prettied up.  That’s my goal this week.




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3 06 2008

Hey Emy,
I was wondering how you guys were doing 🙂 Mabel is too freakin cute. I love that face she’s giving in front of the flowers. Can’t wait to see new pics once you get everything Emy-fied. You know I love how you decorate. I shoulda hired you to do my house before you left. hehe… b/c I’ll never get to it. What have you been sewing? I was going to a quilt making class, but the lady decided not to do it in Mineo, and now with everything else it’s gotten pushed aside. oh well. Talk to you soon! Take Care!

5 07 2008
Debbie Childers

Hi there Emy. How have you guys been doing? We are all doing good. Mabel sure is getting big. I don’t think your bike is geeky, if I were to ride a bicycle now that is the kind I would have to ride too, because I would hurt myself on anything else. I love you and really enjoy seeing the pictures you put in your website. Love your Mom

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