wiener alert, wiener alert

3 06 2008


Dear Abby,

I signed up for a local mommy group and planned to attend an event today.  I got the kids all ready to go and headed out.  I arrived at the park and that’s when it happened.  I wienered out.  I still went.  But I felt so intimidated.  I didn’t talk to anyone.  They all know each other and have their little buddy groups and I just felt too shy.  Much like Cale who clings to my legs around new people, I cowered on a park bench, observing them, trying to work up the courage to go say hi.  By the time that maybe I could have, an hour had passed so I didn’t want to look weird so I never said anything.  Which maybe is weirder.  I don’t know.  I miss my Sicily MOMS Club.

So I did what anyone would do in such a situation.  I let Cale play a little bit, then headed out to drown my sorrows in ice cream.  A lady stopped and talked to Mabel and her little lip started quivering.  I guess she’s shy as well.

I still hate being called shy.  People say it so negatively.  In a tone like they feel sorry for you.  (Hey, maybe I just prefer my own company!!!!) I guess I would rather be a “wiener” any day.


Friendless in Frederick



3 responses

4 06 2008

Oooh, I know what you going through. I’ve always been shy (oh, weiner). I never initiate conversations. At my twins ballet class I didn’t talk to the other moms for the first 4 mos. I’m sure they thought I was weird, but eventually I was able to chat a bit and now four of us go out to dinner once a month. The funny thing is I’m shy at first, but once I get going you can’t stop me. 🙂

5 06 2008

aw I’m always a weiner at first too. We miss you too!!! It is definitely not the same. You left, and a whole bunch of other people left. Now were down to about 5 active members (and 3 of those are leaving this fall.) And guess who’s the President AND Secretary this year? I’ll give you one guess… lol We could barely get enough people to step in for the rest of the positions. Hopefully they will become more active this year. We’ll be lucky if this club makes it another year. Good luck with the new mommies club. Next time just go for it. 🙂 You are so cool and sweet they will love you, of course.

25 06 2008

Hey Emy, I dont seem to have an email address around for you anywhere, but thanks for those recs. They are exactly what I was hoping for. Do make a post with the others please! 🙂

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