swiff it good…

8 08 2008

One of the things high on my to-make priority list was a crocheted swiffer cover. The disposable ones fill up too fast and it just seemed like another wasteful product. However, sometimes a floor just needs a quick clean up, a swiffing, I guess. So in comes a crocheted swiffer pad to save the day.
crocheted swiffer pad

I used the pattern here, only I had to enlarge it because either I crochet smaller or the newer swiffers are larger. It is such a fast project though.  Even for me.

So it would seem like with crafting a cleaning project so high on my list, that I must like clean all the time.  The truth is, I’m struggling to keep up with everything right now.  I’m so glad we don’t know anyone here, because if someone were to stop by unannounced, I would be mortified.  Not in a oh-my-house-is-so-dirty-but-its-not way, but in a oh my god, where do I walk way.  Yeah.  Not something to be proud of.

This 2 kids thing is HARD.  Add to it a new house that needs decorating and painting, a husband who is always gone for work and the fact that one of those kids is 4 and makes messes faster than I can clean up, and well its not pretty.  My life here is still not settled.  Its nothing like it was in Sicily and it has really been getting me down lately.  I miss those simple, relaxing days, sitting outside, looking at the mountain.  I don’t really get much sitting around time lately.  I’m still very much trying to adjust to our new life and so far its just not going very well.

As with anything, I know I will look back at this and laugh.  And wonder what the fuss was all about.  But right now, its all about survival.

My poor blog sits here, much like a houseplant, not forgotten, but neglected anyways.

I have a lot I need to post about.  My thrift/garage sale finds have been awesome lately.  (I shop instead of cleaning, so what!)  And I have managed to make a few things.  Just gotta take some pictures, as well as find a clean place to take pics.  😀




8 responses

8 08 2008

Hey listen, for mothers of young kids sometimes shopping instead of cleaning = SURVIVAL. LOL

(And 4 year olds are total slobby messy things.)

13 08 2008

This is awesome! I’m going to have to make one for my swiffer… It’s been stored in the closet forever because I was tired of buying all the refills. 🙂

17 08 2008

I’m right there with you.. 2 kids, new house, ugh! But my swiffer is broken 😦 Great idea though!

2 12 2008

You are stupid.

-From Angelo

2 12 2008
“stupid” is the new cool « Craft Junkie

[…] is the new cool 2 12 2008 Dear “Angelo,“    (scroll […]

5 12 2008

I think this Angelo person is stupid or has never owned a swiffer. Love Mom

6 12 2008
Lisa Killian

~~~~~ANGELO IS A JERK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

23 09 2009

He may be a jerk, but he’s clearly a wordsmith…and about 6 years old, apparently.

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