White kitchen

12 02 2011

Last weekend, I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets white. You see, they keep me awake at night. The pink maple was screaming at me. So I did what any sane person does when their cabinets scream at them and started the very long process of painting them. This involved cleaning them thoroughly with TSP, then wiping them down with liquid sander, then removing them, priming them, sanding when needed and 3-4 coats for each side. Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! And although it was one of the longest painting jobs EV.ER., it was so worth it!


I still need to do some major uncluttering above the cabinets. And the stove and microwave will one day be replaced with shiny stainless steel ones.

kitchen wall
The pine island that I loved so much in my last kitchen really has no place here. I plan on adding more lower cabinets here and another white Ikea shelf here. In the very near future (this weekend), we will probably move it to the same level as the cabinets and replace the mismatched spices with pretty Ikea ones. Yes, we love that giant blue store.

I painted my kitchen  cabinets white
I also spray painted the hardware for now. I’m eying some pretty knobs at Anthropologie but will probably just do Home Depot knobs or pulls.

The only thing is that now, the counters are that much uglier. They are mint green and stain so easily. I really want to try this paint in Bombay Black but I’m afraid it will look like crappy painted counters. I read a few bad reviews and am a little scared now.

You can see the pink-ness of the kitchen before in this post. Look through the doorway.




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12 02 2011

I also did my cabinets last weekend! Good job for finishing yours, they look great! I have yet to finish mine but I will soon 🙂 I also painted my hardwear, too. 🙂 we might be project twins

13 02 2011

I had no choice but to finish them! We could barely fit out the back door because of my mess. My husband took the kids for the day so I could finish them.

12 02 2011

we wanted to do ours white after painting our kitchen (first it was a similar turquoise, now it’s red,) but I knew it would be a lot of work… I can’t believe how my tastes are so similar to yours, but the difference is you have the motivation to follow through, lol. I just think about things…. =) anyway, it looks really great. What is TSP?

13 02 2011

What color are yours now Sheena? It was a lot of work, but I’m so glad I did it. TSP is trisodium phosphate. Phosphate free is available too, but I used what I had. It’s a very strong degreaser, which somehow my kitchen really needed! I rarely fry stuff so it was weird how disgusting it was.

14 02 2011

Mine are a creamy, slightly pinkish beige… not as pink as yours were though. I’m guessing I’d have to deep clean them too, there’s a lot of grease on the cabinets over the stove from the previous owners. I probably shouldn’t even admit that, because it’s horrible I haven’t gotten around to cleaning them off yet… lol. And I hate my counter tops and floor in there, too. Well, the flooring sucks everywhere in here. I wonder what the previous owners were thinking. hah.

16 06 2013
Karen Sorey

I bought that “granite counter top paint”. It was a little expensive at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. but, I bought it on ebay and it was much cheaper. You have to rough up your counter tops with (I have those laminate kind that they put in all homes, unless of course, you are extremely wealthy…lol, or if you have Formica it will work on these as well) ..your clean the old counter tops with a “SOS or Brillo” pad.. then you paint on the base paint, sprinkle the granite look chips, finishing up with the sealer coat. The kit comes with everything in it, except a “magic genie” that will do all the work for you! There is even a site with video showing the steps, although I watched when they did a “Today Show” with Matt Lauer actually painting the old countertops. The paint kit is called “Giani Granite Paint”. Now I just need to stop procrastinating and GET IN THERE AND JUST DO IT!!!! Karen Sorey

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