A room fit for a Princess

13 02 2011

I feel like I’ve written about this a few times, but I can only find this post.

I showed a bit of Mabel’s room when I posted about her quilt. I love her room so much. It’s one of the sunniest rooms in the house.

her new quilt

This is how her bed normally looks. Well, this is a good day. Notice the zoo of animals and stack of blankets on the end that would make the princess and the pea envious. The animals are typically accompanied by Princess Barbies and about 15 books. Actually her bookshelf is typically empty because they live in her bed. (She likes to “read” at night.)

Mabel's room
The vintage curtains were replaced with hot pink ones about a year ago. I hung all of my favorite baby outfits above her bed so I can remember how tiny she once was. The vanity, while not my favorite, is definitely her favorite! The plastic dresser stores Dora toys and Little People. Next to it is part of her dress up collection. The brass thing on the wall is a unicorn which will be spraypainted pink as soon as we get some spray paint weather!

Mabel's room
And then we have her dresser. It was one of those horrible French Country things from the 70s that is cream with gold trim. I painted it white. The handles might end up getting painted as well.

Future plans involve her closet. Right now it houses my dresses and skirts, but we need more toy storage so I might need to reorganize mine so I can give hers back. The kids rooms are tiny. So they need all the room they can get. Using the closets are a good way to get extra space. Plus, adding lower shelves allow them to get their own clothes.




3 responses

14 02 2011

sigh… I love this room. You are so inspiring! I really want to make a room that is a perfect fit for my girls. I should stop procrastinating… otherwise, they’ll have their own favorite posters plastered all over the wall before I know it… heh.

15 02 2011

Everything was done very inexpensively. Paint and thrift store finds. 🙂
She loves her room too. Especially when it’s clean (which right now it is NOT.)
The toys are taking over.
You have some of my favorite thrift stores nearby! Thrift Store City and Thrift Store USA in Norfolk are awesome!

24 02 2011

Yeah, I need to check them out again. I went once when we came on leave, but haven’t been since we moved here! =/ I’m a slacker. heh. I get so comfortable staying on this side of the tunnel… not near as much traffic over here. =) But I do want to go. I’ve started working on the girls rooms. I need to majorly declutter their toys.

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