A family that crafts together…

15 02 2011

Laughs together?

My husband and I used to share my craft room, but we realized that we never went down to the basement. He moved his monster desk upstairs where it is now used daily. I toyed with the idea of moving my stuff up as well. However, reality got the best of me. I know that the kids would not be able to help themselves and would get into everything. I also know that I am not a tidy crafter.

I made it my goal to make the room more usable and fun for the whole family.

mspaint drawing of kids area in craft room
So I drew up plans in MS Paint (very technical!) and tried to accomplish them for as cheap as possible.

Craft room, kids area

One of my biggest pet peeves was the giant filing cabinet. I traded it for a shorty and purged a ton of junk. The table top is actually 2 IKEA desk tops that I found for $8 each. They are connected together with 2 metal pieces. They are attached to the wall with metal L brackets. I painted a chalkboard for the kids to write on. Mabel is a bit short to reach it, but Cale can. The plastic drawer thing is filled with their craft stuff. The missing drawer contains play-doh and it is currently upstairs. I still need to add buckets on the top shelf and move the rest of the kid’s stuff downstairs.
I plan on adding a leg to that side because I am just not comfortable with it not having one. I have noticed that everyone leans on it way too much.

Under the desk is file boxes filled with my husband’s miscellaneous computer cables and parts. Since I kicked him out of the room, I still need to find places for his stuff. The pink tote is my scrapbook bag.

My desk used to be against this tiny window. With it on the opposite side of the room, the light now pours in (apparently a little too much: the pictures suck!) I’ll have to take more pictures on a less blatantly sunny day.

I’m happy to say that I use the room much more, almost every day now! More pictures will come, including details of my craft space and the area I made for my husband to play guitar.




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