Family room re-do inspiration

22 02 2011

Inspiration for my fam room

I saw this picture on the web somewhere and fell in love. I would copy it exactly if possible. However, I live in the real world with a real (tiny) budget. So I’m using this as inspiration and not a literal starting point. I love the colors and feel of the room.

My room is much smaller. And needs to contain toys. Because we live in here and a lot happens here (mostly activities that involve brightly colored plastic.) It’s a bit quieter than the front living room where the tv is, so I prefer this room. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I crave a little less color. I want a quiet grown up room to relax in. Not so grown up that the kids aren’t welcome, though.

fireplace in family room

This is the fireplace in the corner. Corner fireplaces are weird. The big white canvases cover a hole meant for a tv. I put shelves in it and hide lots of the kid’s games and puzzles in it. The mantle is actually an IKEA shelf that is a bit too short and not screwed in all the way. 😉 I just added it the other day. I want to remove the canvases and replace them with functioning doors, something shutter-like. I’ll probably have to build something. Eventually I want to rip all the black stuff off of the fireplace surround and replace it with slate.

my corner

Here’s my slipcovered chair in the corner. This is my favorite spot to sit. The sunlight that comes in the window is lovely. The table next to it is actually an outdoor table that lived in Mabel’s room until recently. It is pink but it won’t stay pink for long. Come on, spray paint season!

You may have noticed this room is carefully cropped and not completely shown. That is because it is always covered in toys. Step 1 of this room redo will be to tame the toys.

mood board for fam room
This is my inspirational mood board. They help me to envision what I want. It is also a way to “create” when I am unable to do it for real. I have changed my mind about some things since I made this.

For my wall color, I am searching for a perfect grey. I think the Flint paint at Restoration Hardware might be perfect. However, I might just be partial to the name. I might end up doing a stencil on one wall, similar to this one. The stairwells will be repainted a nice creamy color. The yellow was always a mistake. My blue IKEA chairs will be slip covered in tan canvas. My lamps need a small shade re-do. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all shapes up.




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22 02 2011

I love our gray walls! Our living room is gray, black, white, and red. I agree, it’s a lot quieter color scheme, but nice, too. We have ottomans to keep the kid’s toys in, and I need to weed some of those out, too. Except for over the fire place (which we don’t even use,) our walls are bare. That’s what I need to work on. Love your inspiration collage. Have fun with it! Can’t wait to see your finished room. =)

3 10 2013
Tom Bator

I love the fireplaces. You mentioned you were on a low budget. One thing you can do to save some money is to use that fireplace for more than just a great place for the family to gather and look at the wood burning. You can add a wood stove instead of a standard fireplace and use a stove top fan to heat the entire house. here’s a good link for how I did it.

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