true tales of a junkie

My name is Emy and I am a craft-a-holic.  Sometimes I lay awake at night, unable to sleep because I’m thinking of stuff I want to make.  I need crafts.  Crafting is my sanity.  The crafts I enjoy the most are sewing, painting and gluing stuff.  I also love embroidery.  I’m trying to learn to knit as well.  What appeals to me the most, is when something has a new spin on an old thing, or when something is made from recycled stuff.

As I said, I love to make things.  I am also a wife and a mother to two lovely kids. Cale is a talkative, rambunctious young man and Mabel is a little princess.

I am currently also a student studying social work. We currently live in Frederick, Maryland. When it’s not freezing cold here, we enjoy play time outside. During the long cold months though, we’re stuck inside and my creativity blooms.


Edited to update location and new facts.


3 responses

17 01 2007

counldn’t find your email just want to thank you for stopping by my blog

8 10 2007

I’m so glad I discovered you! We should make a virtual MUM’s club for those of us that live far away from home. Know of anyone else?

5 03 2008


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