1 09 2007

Did you look down?  I’m at the last 3 letters of the alphabet and am really ready to be done.  So I’m ending it with a great way to help your spouse out.  😀  (Am I the only one who has to say this???)

I’ll be back next week.  I was looking at my flickr pictures and noticed that I have neglected to post a LOT that I have sewed so there should be a large post about that, as well as a few other things I’ve been working on.

Have a great weekend guys!


V and W

30 08 2007

V is for Very Big Thanks to everything who commented on my last post.  It’s so neat to hear that other people are as excited as I am.  I was so surprised and I guess I still am.  I keep giggling as I think of everything girly.

V is also for Very Exhausted.  This week has been so tiring.  Even though I stayed home today, I’m still exhausted.  Laundry and cleaning the house wears me out.

V is for Volcano.   While most people try to avoid them, I find them fascinating.  The damage can be see all over the place here.  There are entire villages under lava rock.  You can see where lava has blocked the entrances to places and burned homes down.  We live by the largest active volcano in Europe, Mt. Etna.  But I’m really interested in visiting Stromboli, an island off of Sicily.  I want to eat dinner while watching the natural fireworks that this volcano emits.  And as our time is coming to an end, it will be soon.  We have a 3 day weekend coming up and I’m hoping to spend at least one day there.

W is for wine.  Oh sweet wine, how I miss your loveliness.  Red is my favorite.  Before I got pregnant, I sampled the best tasting white wine ever though.   It was an almond wine and it was sooo good.

U is for…

28 08 2007

U is for ultrasound,

What will we see?

Will it be a little hoo hoo

Or a little pee pee?

ultrasound pics and first outfits


S and T

27 08 2007


Sweaters. I keep buying them for felting but so far I’ve haven’t done it yet. I have a few more than pictured. I buy them, get them home and decide that I like them. Like that brighter blue one? I may keep that one. It’s United Colors of Benetton. The pink one with the flowers is gorgeous, but I think it’s already partially felted.
sweaters for felting

Snuggling. I love snuggling Cale but he doesn’t love it quite as much. He only snuggles me if one of us are sick.

Sewing. You know I love sewing. And I’ve been getting to sew quite a bit lately. I can honestly say it’s the best skill I ever learned. There’s nothing more satisfying than wearing something you made, whether from scratch, or embellished.

Shoes. I bet I have more than 30 pairs of shoes. I love them so much. But it seems like I wear the same ones over and over. I need to wear my pretty ones more often.


Trays. I love trays. I buy them every chance I get. Not sure why.

Traveling. With such a small amount of time left here, traveling is limited. Hopefully we’ll get a few small trips in next month (when it’s cooler.)

Target. Oh Target, how I miss you. Is there another store quite so cool? Not in America. I’m coming for you baby!

Texas. Or Tejas. I grew up in Texas. And my family lives in Texas. And we’re hoping to return to Texas.

Thrift stores. Although the one here on base is cheap (bag sales), I really miss regular thrift stores. With vintage goods. I very seldom find anything old here, usually just books and clothes. Every time we go home, we check out a few. I’m always amazed at how much beautiful dishes are out there for so cheap! Especially Pyrex. Can’t wait.

Today. Nine years ago today I fell in love with my best friend. I never intended to. It just happened. He came home for his brother’s birthday and promised to see me. And it just kind of happened. It was magical and my stomach still gets butterflies thinking of that day. I love you Kevin. Wow, we’re getting old.

Q and R

27 08 2007

Quilts. My mom quilted. She was good too. We had a quilting rack suspended from our living room ceiling. When she wasn’t working on one at home, she would go visit an elderly lady who had a quilting rack in her little general store. She sold cokes in glass bottles and her store was covered in dust. But we loved going there and playing. Her quilts were usually scrap quilts, consisting mostly of double knit polyester pieces. I never knew that it would instill such a love of the homemade in me. My mom made each of us girls a quilt (I guess she gave up by the time my brother was born?) I still have mine. I used to drive cars along the paths and sort stuff into piles in each square. Now I enjoy making my own quilts. The quality is so much nicer than store bought ones. And I’m so anal about getting stuff exactly as I want it. I hate piecing and all of the math involved in designing one. I also hate all of the cutting. But I love love love hand quilting it.
childhood quilt

Quiet. I never have enough. Last night as I was sitting home without my husband, I was enjoying the quiet. My peace was ruined by something crawling up the curtain. I thought it was a large lizard. Nope. A mouse. Talk about freak out. It’s still here somewhere. He didn’t take my suggestion to go outside, ignoring my trail of cheese leading outside, to go in the kitchen. I’m still jumpy.
Questions. With a 3 year old they never end. But lately Cale gets really pissed if I don’t know the answer or if the answer is something he doesn’t like. He does ask some very intelligent questions though.

Quick. Man I am inpatient. I want everything to be quick, quick, quick. It rarely is.

Quaint. What I aspire my house to be. Or at least my bedroom…

`Quakes. I’ve experienced one small real one here and I keep thinking I feel them again. It happens a few times a week, sometimes waking me up at night. Am I crazy paranoid or just really sensitive to the earth’s movements? Probably crazy.

Quesadilla. Cale eats them every day sometimes. Its his favorite. He even makes them from playdough.


Reflecting. I can’t believe this kid who stands before me was a baby. He has really become his own person with his own opinions and thoughts. It’s so amazing.

Refashioning. One of my favorite things to do. I am planning a whole post on this though.

Re-buying baby stuff. When we first moved here, we were in a tiny apartment and I got rid of so much stuff. I never thought I would want another child. But here we are. So I’ve been buying used stuff for this baby. Yesterday I bought a rocking chair. I can’t wait to recover it.

Reality. This weekend I realized that my husband and I have two different versions of reality. Right now he has so much important stuff to worry about. I on the other hand, don’t. I can’t help him with any of his stuff either. So his reality is filled with job applications and trying to get MSCE certified. But I’m occupied with picking paint colors for our imaginary house and dreaming of baby nurseries. This has been causing small arguments as you can imagine. I’ll be so glad when its all over and we’re on the same page again. Then we can dream of paint colors together. 😀

Religious festivals. Friday we attended our first patron saint festival. I have pictures on FLickr for anyone interested. It was amazing and I’m so glad we went. The fireworks scared the crap out of Cale. I was afraid he was going to pee on me.
Cale and his dad

P is for…

23 08 2007

A pause.

So I can just write normally. Who knew 26 letters could feel so stifling?

Today I drove 45 minutes to base so I could be brushed off after a 10 minute appointment.  I don’t know what my doctor’s hurry was, but he left without asking me if I had any questions or anything.  In fact, he never slid the examination thing back in, so I was left sitting with my feet sticking straight out in front of me.  He took forever to help me up when I was laying down.  Tuesday, I’m going in for my ultrasound and I’m going to see what I can do to get a new doctor.   I’ve never been pissed off and not even known it until I left.

It also looks like we will be leaving early.  Passports are taking 6 months right now and we just don’t have that kind of time!  Although it looks like I can stay until December at least.  I called my husband to talk to him about everything but he blew me off as well.  So I’m sitting here feeling very emotional and I’m pretty sure it’s all called for; not one of those crazy pregnant emotional fits you hear about.

O is for…

23 08 2007

thrifted mugs

Orange: The color. I don’t really care for it. Cale’s baby room used to be painted with a bright orange (think Nickelodeon) stripe around the center. I loved the paint chip, but not so much as a wall color. I’m trying to phase all of the orange out of his room. His big plastic toy box is orange though. I wonder if those plastic spray paints work well.
As much as I don’t care for it though, there’s something about it that I’m drawn to.

Orange: The fruit. I love oranges, orange juice, even fake orange flavoring. But I love blood oranges best of all. It may be what I will miss most about Sicily. Blood orange juice mixed with fizzy water is the best!

Ow: Spent the weekend in more pain than I would have liked. I thought I was in labor. Enough said.

Oil Paints: I love oil paints. My high school art class only provided us with tempera paints so I’ve never had any training with them. I love the way they blend. I just wish I could figure out how to keep them from becoming so dark. It will be a while before I can play with them again though, due to pregnancy.

October: At one point, I dreaded October. I worked in a costume shop and it was so unbelievably busy, leaving no time for the fun work – creating. Now I look forward to it. I still can’t look at costumes the same though. And I am often left wanting better quality. Surprisingly, I’ve never made Cale a costume. He was Pooh last year and he keeps saying he wants to be Pooh again! Nothing I can say can talk him into the cool skeleton costume at Pottery Barn. There’s slight hope for the pirate though.

Out and about: I’ve been busy this week. Which is unusual for a homebody like myself. Tuesday I went and visited a friend (and saw her skin a dead chicken), Wednesday Cale and I went on a furniture buying trip, and today I have a doctor appointment. Tomorrow I plan on picking Kevin up from work and heading to a nearby town, Motta for the festival for their patron saint, Anastasia. Saturday back to the mall (where I fell in love with many couches) to show Kevin. We have a trip scheduled for Sunday but I think we’re going to cancel it.
went couch shopping
more couches

Oppressive heat: Oh my, it’s hot. And humid. The sky is grey and looks like it needs to rain, but it won’t. So the humidity is awful. I can handle the heat but the humidity is rare here. It’s quite disgusting.

Picture info:

Thrifted mugs. Every now and then I get lucky at our base thrift store. Of course we have tons of mugs already but these are vintage from Japan, Kevin!!! Geez.

A powder blue vespa. Isn’t it cute?

A couch I liked. White will never work, but in brown, it would be perfect.

More couches I liked. Okay I like the promotion price more. It came with a free flat screen tv. 😛 But check out that table! It’s gorgeous.

We also saw the prettiest dishwasher and washing machine ever! Ans the fridges are awesome too. Who wouldn’t love to clean up if your appliances were pink???