Dining room redo and Mabel’s bday

17 01 2010

Newly painted dining room

Here’s our dining room all decked out for her party. Not that I want to take the flowers or pendants down any time soon. We bought this chandelier, oh about 3 years ago in Sicily. It has been rewired and hung finally. I’m so in love with it.
A mirror will eventually be hung behind the table.

tutus for little princesses
I made tutus for her friends.

Yum, plates!
And she had a blast at her party. My little princess is 2. It’s been a long 2 years. She is a handful. And finally getting easier.

Starting this week, I’m trying to re-do my craft room. It’s dark and dreary and uninspiring. It’s in the basement with a tiny window and dark pine ceilings so lots of primer and paint will be involved. I’m hoping I will want to spend more time down there if it’s more pleasant. We’ll see.


Christmas came and went…

26 12 2009

And now I’m planning Mabel’s 2nd birthday.  Here’s a peek at her evite:

My little princess is having a fairy princess/woodland dress up party.  Her little princess friends will get fairy crowns and tutus and her little princes will get gnome beards and hats.  🙂

I’m so excited.  I know she will love it.

PS.  New banner!!!

(*Digital scrapbook images via twopeasinabucket.  Free!  Imaging software from GIMP, also free.)

My baby is 5 now

2 03 2009

make a wish

Spent a lovely morning with a mouse named Chuck.

My birthday’s next and I’m super excited about my present. On a snowy day such as today, the thought of a day here really gets me through. Can’t wait!

Belated bday to my girl

1 02 2009

Whoa, wordpress got all crazy on me.  😀

Here’s a today’s dosage of cuteness.  Are you ready?
my fashionista
Hee! Look at that outfit! That attitude! Those eyes! Oh, I’m in love with this child.  Don’t be fooled, she still doesn’t have any hair.
She turned 1 without a proper blog post.  What a crappy mom I am!  🙂
Oh what a year this has been. It is so much fun watching this little one grow up. Girls are so different than boys!

And because everyone enjoys a fun video, here’s her cake. Yes that is the smoke alarm going off.

Link here.

the sound of silence

18 09 2008

mobile mabel
my excuse
(the blanket taking up most of the picture is cale in his “invisible” cape.)

way too cute
just like her brother, she enjoys taking close ups.

and being adorable.

singing in the (non existent) rain
I love my kids.

It’s been a while…

2 06 2008

recent pics

Some days fly by and are gone before I even know what happened. More often than not, all I accomplished was feeding my children, (one a little more than others!) We received all of our stuff and are still in the progress of getting our life back to normal.

Along with unpacking, there’s been a little sewing and garage saling. And every chance I get, I visit local antique shops. There’s so much goodness to be found. I’ve been trying to only buy what is actually needed instead of every pretty thing I see. Today I had to take Kevin to the airport so on the way back I stopped by these two lovely shops.  Oh my goodness!  So much loveliness!!!  Cale was so good.  I convinced him that we are treasure hunting.  I ended up finding a vintage step stool like I have been wanting.  Woo hoo!  The area between our house and the airport is so chocked full of cute little antique shops.  Luckily Kevin travels a lot so I will have many more chances to see them.

I have started feeding Mabel rice cereal even though I wanted to start later.  She snatched a cookie out of my hand one day.  And she watches every single bite we take, smacking her lips and drooling.  She adores Cale.

More pics to come once the house is a little more prettied up.  That’s my goal this week.

Virginia is for Lovers

24 04 2008

Greetings from Virginia Beach. We are here for the week while Kevin teaches a class in Norfolk. So much has changed. One of my favorite thrift stores is gone. It’s pretty weird seeing that its gone, but to see that half the building is missing is disorientating. The place where I used to work has been split into 2 different stores, a woman’s motorcycle shop and a craft shop. We’re enjoying ourselves, mostly because with Cale everything is new again. And because of the ice cream. Loving it.

Good things
Here’s more things I’m loving. Cute kids. Cute smiles. Even cuter laughs (she sounds like she’s coughing – she doesn’t quite have it down yet.) Pretty outfits for her (dressing a girl is like playing dolls!!!!) Pretty spring time plants (more in Maryland than here.) Good mail. While my husband was away for 3 weeks(!), I received a package from the lovely Jennifer of The Felt Mouse. She sent me some sweet 70’s goodness for Mabel. I said groovy all day long. It’s really cute and I can’t wait for her to be able to wear it.
The next week I received key lime pie in the mail. Food in the mail rocks. But key lime pie form Key West was awesome. Thanks Kevin.

More things. We bought our house and moved in last week. Very little unpacking has been accomplished, but the whole main floor is painted a lovely shade of aqua. Now we have bedrooms, bathrooms, halls and the basement rooms. Whew! We have yet to get our big shipment, but expect it some time after we get back next week (hopefully!) And hopefully unpacking all of that stuff will be a little more successful than it has been so far. Pictures will come soon, as we get settled (and an internet connection).