Hello October!

2 10 2007

hello October!
I love me some gerber daisies! Too bad they’ve been dying so quickly lately! Must be the warm weather. The “vase” is a candle holder with a glass vase inside. And I made the spiderweb thingy. I love Halloween and I have been wanting to get all of out stuff out since September. Especially since we won’t have our own place to decorate for Christmas.

October means we have 2 months left here. It seems so short for the amount of stuff we have to do. And even though it will be close to 6 months since our last international flight, I’m dreading it.
October also means a very special secret project gift for my husband. I have to keep it secret in case he reads this though.
And last but not least, it means Halloween. And costumes. And I’m ashamed to admit the words that have come out of my mouth recently, but they contained the words “boot-tops” and “jabot” and talking about needing them. (I know only one reader gets that reference so sorry to the rest of you.) In my days of working at a costume shop, those were things we made fun of. And it just so happens that they are because my sweet son wants to wear the costume that we thought was the lamest, a pirate. Life is funny!

Cale went back to school this week and I have gotten a ton of stuff done. Unfortunately, I’m still nowhere near finishing the quilt so I better get to work! It’s so much easier to work on during the day.



24 09 2007

6 months pregnant
6 months along.

Cale hugging me and being weird with my skirt
If Cale can find something inappropriate to do, he will.

Funny picture
These guys always seem to dress alike. It’s always funny when Cale smiles while eating. Especially oreos.

View of our neighborhood from Mineo
I took this picture this morning after I dropped Cale off at school. It was overcast, but you can make our neighborhood out. It looks so far, but it’s only a 10 minute drive up a windy mountain road. It’s kind of fun to drive, with it’s 1 degree turns and all. Tomorrow he starts riding the bus, which gives me a ton more time to myself.

Today I spent my time cleaning up my work area so that I can have some fun tomorrow. I need to plan out my time so I don’t waste too much on the computer.

And on another note, today is the first time since May that I have personally seen rain.  Sprinkles but rain, never the less.  Love that rain smell.

Cale’s first day of school

19 09 2007

cale's first day of school!
Looks pretty happy to be there, doesn’t he? Would you believe that he woke up saying he didn’t want to go to school? He’s not used to getting up so early. He was nervous. But once in the class, he was fine.

cale in his classroom
Everyone speaks Italian. But he did great. They made the parents leave and I’m pretty proud to report that Cale was not a cryer! I snuck in and watched him. He just kind of followed the other kids. Pretty good for a first day.

Name tag for Cale's backpack
I was hoping to get to make him more stuff but so far this is it, a name tag for his backpack. I used half a sheet of shrink plastic and this is how small it turned out!  (I love shrinky dinks!)  And I embroidered his name on his smock that he has to wear everyday.

Last night all of my doubts about sending him came to me. It’s a pretty big thing, but I think he will do fine. I have chosen for him to go full time because of the wonderful opportunities that it provides. And I know we won’t be here for much longer, but it’s a chance he may not ever have again.

Besides worrying about sending Cale to school, I’ve been watching my belly as it bumps and jumps. It’s so funny to see. And I hit a garage sale this weekend, so I’ve been trying to resist posting all of the pink girl-y goodness!

Tomorrow is my first day at home alone. I have rarely ever been home by myself! I wonder if i will get lonely…

Where does the time go?

11 09 2007

First week of Sept in review

I have no clue where the last week went. Some of these are from the week before as well.

1. Mt. Etna erupted last week.  Normally it just lets out lava but this time, it was quite a display.  I could see it all the way from our neighborhood, which is quite a distance away.

2, 3, 4.  Dishes I bought the week before at the Caleca factory.  No matter how many times I go or how much I buy, I wish I had bought more.  I’m greedy like that.

5. Cale at the beach.  We went Sunday and had a lovely time.  The water was clear and we walked a long ways out and could still see.  There were all kinds of little fish and beautiful marine plant life that I could have looked at all day.  I really wish I weren’t so afraid of the water.  I’d love to see more, but the thought of snorkeling or scuba diving freaks me the hell out.

6-11.  Saturday was spent with some girlfriends in a little town called Mistretta for the festival of the giants.  We had a lovely time, just getting away and drinking coke.  Italian coke is soooo good.

12.  This is Cale demonstrating his new hair cut.   And apparently one of his favorite books.  He sometimes reminds me of my little brother when he was little.  Maybe it’s just the muscle shirt…

The beach and riding the bus for 6 hours on Saturday made me dead to the world yesterday.   I could barely move and was exhausted.  I feel much better today.   I even got some work done.  I’m thinking about ordering some new fun feet for my machine, a ruffler and a walking foot.  A baby girl really calls for a ruffler I think, and she’s going to need a quilt right?  So a walking foot sounds good too.

Plus Cale starts school next week so it looks like I’m going to have a lot of lonely time on my hands.  Of course Cale starting school deserves a post of it’s own.  My baby is all grown up.  He’s actually kind of pissed that I have to go with him on his first day and that I have to drive him the first week.  He wants to ride the bus, by himself!  Don’t all kids?  His independence astounds me.  And saddens me.  I can’t believe it’s already time for him to go to school.

D is for…

6 08 2007

Dinner with the mafia.

Did I even mention that I had dinner with the mafia? well one night my friend and I went to eat after our husbands were too wussy tired  to join us.  Because who can pass up the yummiest biggest pasta helpings ever?

So we went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.  It’s an agriturismo which is an old farm house that has been converted to a restaurant.  Most of the time, all of the food is produced on the farm as well.  Any who, we arrived and it was quite deserted. It normally is pretty empty on Fridays.  We were seated in this room I had never been in before that was also occupied for 3 men at the corner table.  They ordered champagne right away and started getting wasted.  (Which is weird,  Italians can hold their liquor.  I saw a girl take 2 tequila shots like it was nothing!)

So then my friend left to the bathroom to my distress.  The men started making comments to the waiter about me.  It was very uncomfortable and I know they knew the waiter thought I was cute.  C came back and we finished our meal.  Then the men insisted on toasting us and her very pregnant belly.  They shared their champagne with us and offered to buy us more drinks.  Apparently its okay for pregnant women to drink in Italy.  We paid and left and lets just say that we practically ran to the car.  The whole thing was creepy.  And so weird.  And we’re convinced these guys were mafioso.   But who really knows?  So that is how we had dinner with the mafia.

D is also for discomfort.  Although I am only 4 months pregnant,  I am experiencing a lot of discomfort, more than I think should be normal.  It looks like a visit to the doctor is in order.   I swear, it feels like this baby is drop-kicking my cervix.  And internal organs.  Was anyone else really aware of their cervix?

Summertime blues

30 07 2007

Is anyone else hating summer? The heat, the endless sunny blue skies, the way even the simplest cooking heats up the house too much and makes my legs turn to jelly.
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This is what I see every single day*.  Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful, but day after day of seeing the same blue sky, unmarred by even a tiny cloud gets to me.  Of course I feel like this every year around this time.  Its because we have not had a single drop of rain all summer.  To me the best days are rainy days, with the windows open so you can hear the pretty song it makes.  The breeze is cool and the air smells clean.  On those days, its okay to sit around and have an easy day.  The weather demands it!  On sunny days though, it feels like you should be out doing stuff, not sitting around.  But when its 100 degrees and up, there’s no getting me out of the house.

I am just really ready for Autumn already!  Boots and cute pantyhose!  Soups! Sitting outside while drinking hot tea!  Pumpkins and pumpkin flavored foods!  I looooove Autumn.  Even without the trees.

But here we are with it still over a month away.  August is the worst month here.  Besides the heat, the entire country goes on vacation so the stuff that is open is too crowded.  A month of sitting at home sprinkled with base visits does not appeal to me either though.  Good think I have my crafts.

*(This is an old photo taken when we first moved in.  Although it’s 2 years old, this is still what it looks like everyday.)

So here’s a few things that I’m enjoying lately.

  •  Free People.  The new catalog is so awesome.  It’s filled with inspirational ideas.  If you love clothes like I do and are cheap but can sew, this may inspire you.
  • Fabric matcher.  This cool site is partnered with Hancock’s of Paducah (one of my fave sources) and lets you search through their fabric to see how they look together.
  • eShatki.  Really beautiful clothing with inexpensive prices.  I love it all.
  • Scrumdilly-do tutorials, especially this one.  I love kid’s projects that end up very nice looking.  Looks like this will make a great b-day card for a certain birthday Dad I know.
  • Having 4 blocks left to piece together for a quilt that is long overdue.
  • My friend’s baby.  He is getting to this really cute age where he smiles and giggles a lot.  And he recognizes me.  He gives me courage and makes me realize that I can do this again.  Giuliano rocks.
  • Thinking up really funny names for my unborn baby.  Although we have had first names picked out for over a year now, they will not be revealed until the baby’s birth.  Middle names are fun to think about though.  Especially the ones that crack me up.  Like Giaccamo (Jack-a-mo.)  I mentioned this one jokingly and my husband really likes it.
  • Cheez-it
  • Cale running around “casting spells” on us.  Its so funny.  He thinks he’s Harry Potter.
  • Lots of projects in the works and knowing that at the end of September, my free time will significantly increase because Cale is starting preschool.
  • My nausea is 99% gone now.

And I leave you with one question for thought.  I read it on another blog and it was really inspiring.

If you had an extra 10 hours a week  to yourself, what would you do with the time?  What can you sacrifice to get this time?

I have an extra 20 hours a week and I realized how much I have been wasting!   How much time can you get back?

My weekend

11 07 2007

There are times when I read certain blogs (not anyone who reads mine, by the way) and their lives seem so perfect and so happy that I hate them. They gush on and on about how much they love their children, right as I’m trying not to strangle my own. Their homes are immaculate and have been in magazines, while I’m trying to not break my neck on spilled legos. You know the ones. And I have to admit that no, my life is not perfect. And probably never will be. And seriously who would want perfection? And what does this have to do with my weekend? Well this weekend was about as perfect as it gets. I had those special moments with my son that beach trips often bring. I relaxed, I feel refreshed and all new. Well, at least back to normal.

july 4th weekend

The weekend was spent on the northwestern tip of Sicily.   We visited a nature reserve that required tons of hiking and I survived it!  Whew!  It was worth it.  All of it.

  1. Cale’s first funny face – monster eyes.
  2. A view of the beach at Zingaro Nature Reserve
  3. Cale decided to rock climb.
  4. But playing with rocks is fun too.
  5.  Cale and his dad hiked to some caves.  He found “a knife for a knight to fight dragons.”  And the caves were filled with “really nice bats.”
  6. On the way home, we stopped in the medieval town of Erice.
  7. There were 3 castles which of course delighted the boy who is obsessed with knights and princesses.  Cale said the little castle was his and the big castle was mine, since I’m a princess.  Dad’s a dragon.  PS. My castle is a hotel!
  8. From the castles, you can see the sea.
  9. We also stopped at Segesta, to see a Greek temple.
  10. This place was huge.  Can you see me?
  11. Sooooo amazing.
  12. Sooo handsome!
  13. I took this one.  The temple is in the countryside, which is rare in Sicily.
  14. Another Erice picture.  We could have spent days here taking pictures.
  15. Another beach picture.  The water was as clear as drinking water.  However, it was the saltiest water I have ever been in.  Turns out its near salt mines.
  16. The water by this rock was so shallow and gentle.  And there was a little cave too.

So now I’m back home and I feel better than I have in a long time.  I even washed all of my new fabric to get some sewing done soon!