old school cool

27 06 2008

Have you seen these cool toys? I love them so much. i just bought Mabel the chatter telephone. I remember loving it as a child.

i need this

And this! I need this. As all of my family knows, I never learned to ride a bike. Now picture this baby in pink (or aqua!)

Balance schmalance! Coordination? Who needs it? This bike is cute and practical! Add a front basket and I can put Cale in the back and Mabel in the front. (just kidding)

My husband is a bit dismayed that this is the bike I want (he’s been bugging me for years to bike ride with him, even trying to teach me on his way too big bike.)  I think he’s embarrassed by it!!  But I love it.  Now I need a good gift occasion for a reason to get it.  I think breastfeeding for 6 months warrants such a gift!!!

So whatcha think?  Cool or geeky?