swiff it good…

8 08 2008

One of the things high on my to-make priority list was a crocheted swiffer cover. The disposable ones fill up too fast and it just seemed like another wasteful product. However, sometimes a floor just needs a quick clean up, a swiffing, I guess. So in comes a crocheted swiffer pad to save the day.
crocheted swiffer pad

I used the pattern here, only I had to enlarge it because either I crochet smaller or the newer swiffers are larger. It is such a fast project though.  Even for me.

So it would seem like with crafting a cleaning project so high on my list, that I must like clean all the time.  The truth is, I’m struggling to keep up with everything right now.  I’m so glad we don’t know anyone here, because if someone were to stop by unannounced, I would be mortified.  Not in a oh-my-house-is-so-dirty-but-its-not way, but in a oh my god, where do I walk way.  Yeah.  Not something to be proud of.

This 2 kids thing is HARD.  Add to it a new house that needs decorating and painting, a husband who is always gone for work and the fact that one of those kids is 4 and makes messes faster than I can clean up, and well its not pretty.  My life here is still not settled.  Its nothing like it was in Sicily and it has really been getting me down lately.  I miss those simple, relaxing days, sitting outside, looking at the mountain.  I don’t really get much sitting around time lately.  I’m still very much trying to adjust to our new life and so far its just not going very well.

As with anything, I know I will look back at this and laugh.  And wonder what the fuss was all about.  But right now, its all about survival.

My poor blog sits here, much like a houseplant, not forgotten, but neglected anyways.

I have a lot I need to post about.  My thrift/garage sale finds have been awesome lately.  (I shop instead of cleaning, so what!)  And I have managed to make a few things.  Just gotta take some pictures, as well as find a clean place to take pics.  😀



It’s been a while…

2 06 2008

recent pics

Some days fly by and are gone before I even know what happened. More often than not, all I accomplished was feeding my children, (one a little more than others!) We received all of our stuff and are still in the progress of getting our life back to normal.

Along with unpacking, there’s been a little sewing and garage saling. And every chance I get, I visit local antique shops. There’s so much goodness to be found. I’ve been trying to only buy what is actually needed instead of every pretty thing I see. Today I had to take Kevin to the airport so on the way back I stopped by these two lovely shops.  Oh my goodness!  So much loveliness!!!  Cale was so good.  I convinced him that we are treasure hunting.  I ended up finding a vintage step stool like I have been wanting.  Woo hoo!  The area between our house and the airport is so chocked full of cute little antique shops.  Luckily Kevin travels a lot so I will have many more chances to see them.

I have started feeding Mabel rice cereal even though I wanted to start later.  She snatched a cookie out of my hand one day.  And she watches every single bite we take, smacking her lips and drooling.  She adores Cale.

More pics to come once the house is a little more prettied up.  That’s my goal this week.

Virginia is for Lovers

24 04 2008

Greetings from Virginia Beach. We are here for the week while Kevin teaches a class in Norfolk. So much has changed. One of my favorite thrift stores is gone. It’s pretty weird seeing that its gone, but to see that half the building is missing is disorientating. The place where I used to work has been split into 2 different stores, a woman’s motorcycle shop and a craft shop. We’re enjoying ourselves, mostly because with Cale everything is new again. And because of the ice cream. Loving it.

Good things
Here’s more things I’m loving. Cute kids. Cute smiles. Even cuter laughs (she sounds like she’s coughing – she doesn’t quite have it down yet.) Pretty outfits for her (dressing a girl is like playing dolls!!!!) Pretty spring time plants (more in Maryland than here.) Good mail. While my husband was away for 3 weeks(!), I received a package from the lovely Jennifer of The Felt Mouse. She sent me some sweet 70’s goodness for Mabel. I said groovy all day long. It’s really cute and I can’t wait for her to be able to wear it.
The next week I received key lime pie in the mail. Food in the mail rocks. But key lime pie form Key West was awesome. Thanks Kevin.

More things. We bought our house and moved in last week. Very little unpacking has been accomplished, but the whole main floor is painted a lovely shade of aqua. Now we have bedrooms, bathrooms, halls and the basement rooms. Whew! We have yet to get our big shipment, but expect it some time after we get back next week (hopefully!) And hopefully unpacking all of that stuff will be a little more successful than it has been so far. Pictures will come soon, as we get settled (and an internet connection).

good craft blogs….

11 03 2008

Mabel's quilt

Should be about crafting. The person behind them should actually spend time crafting. You know, making stuff besides milk. 😀 And since I’ve done close to nothing since the arrival of a certain little girl ( I knitted Cale a hat!), here’s something I made before. Mabel’s quilt. Made of different pretty pink (and blue, green, yellow and white with flowers) fabrics, and 9 embroidered panels.

front close up
Sideways but you get the point.

And the back.
back of quilt

It was mostly finished when she came home. I had to work for about an hour while she napped on the binding. And it was washed…. 2 days ago.

I’m sure you notice boxes in the background. Right now we are staying in a tiny house while we await closing on the house we’re buying. Can’t remember if you mentioned if I mentioned it or not, but we’re in the DC area. We’ll be living in Frederick, MD. I’m pretty excited. The city is filled with local artists and small boutiques. There’s also a place that teaches all of the art courses I want to take (jewelry, ceramics, drawing, woodworking.) Pretty exciting stuff. Lots of plans being made. Does that count for crafty???


10 02 2008

4weeks old

Mabel came home after a week.  I’ve been busy with breastfeeding (constantly) and changing diapers (also constantly.)  She’s such a sweet girl. 

Thank you to everyone who left sweet comments full of concern.  I wish I had more time to respond to everyone.  W’re still staying with my dad who does not have internet so there’s not much opportunity for me to write much.  I’m hoping to be settled soon in where-ever we are going next. 

Meet Miss Mabel

15 01 2008

Lou Garrig came to me in a dream and said “You are ready now.”  Then I woke up as my water broke.  I’ll spare you all the gross details. 
All that matters is about 5 hours later, Mabel Lou Flint was born. She weighed 6 lbs, 10oz and is 18 1/4″ long. I breastfed her successfully and she was taken away.
Unfortunately they never brought her back to me. The noises we thought were so cute are apparently her having trouble breathing. I’m home and she’s not and I miss her.
With luck she will continue to get better and we will be able to bring her home soon. Cale hasn’t gotten to meet her yet. He got to see her through a window.
I changed her diaper today. Its funny how something so simple means so much when its taken away from you. And how much I keep wanting to cry. About everything.
Cale didn’t come easy either. Damn kids giving me a hard time from the beginning. 😀

More pictures on my flickr, with more to come after she comes home.


8 01 2008

39 weeks today.  I went to my new doctor yesterday and I’m only 1 1/2 cm dilated.  😦  I was really hoping to be further along by now.  I go to get dressed and put on a shirt that I think fits only to realize at the end of the day that I’ve been showing about 5 inches of belly all day.

In other news, we will be moving to Boulder, CO in a few weeks.  Kevin got a new job there.   It will be the furthest North I’ve ever been/lived.  Can a girl from the south survive all the snow?  We will see.

Hopefully my next post will be pictures of my lovely (although kick-y and elbow-y) baby.