A quilt for a girl named Mabel

10 02 2011

Just like I made one for Cale, I knew I wanted to make Mabel a quilt as well. I started it about a year ago. It took me a while to collect vintage sheets, plus as I found more, I added them to the cut stacks. It’s the same pattern as this quilt that I had made for a friend, a pattern From DS Quilts. The quilting follows the flowers on the vintage quilt on the back and they all connect. Not the prettiest quilting, but it works.

The pillow was made a few months ago. I love them together.


Forgive the camera strap. It’s the only picture without Mabel jumping on the bed. Even then, she had thrown a “blanket” on the bed. She found a few yards of fabric that I had intended on making pajamas out of for her and insisted that they be blankets instead.