Picnic time

3 05 2007

You may have already seen what I sent to Jennifer. Now it’s my time to gloat. 😀 I think Jennifer must either be psychic or a spy. Either way, she knew that at Casa del Craft Junkie, we love to picnic.
Picnic time!
I can’t even tell you how excited I was to open this package. But then I did and as I pulled out gift after glorious gift, I couldn’t help but feel like she is the better swapper! Even my husband had to say, “I hope what you sent her was good!” Can you see that picnic basket? Too cute for words. With a matching picnic blanket (or tablecloth)! That would have been good enough on it’s own! But she spoiled me more. Melamine plates! Even as a child, the melamine plates were the special plates. And snacks that I definitely can’t buy here! Cale may have already swiped them. The blue bottle looks tasty, but don’t drink it! It’s bubbles. We’ve already filled the backyard with bubbles. And played frisbee too. It’s soft so it no bruises from catching (or getting hit by it because you can’t catch.)
cutlery role
The sweetest cutlery role I’ve ever seen. No more sandy forks! Yay! The ribbon is so pretty. And notice how well everything coordinates! That Jennifer is clever!
embroidered napkins and recipes
Embroidered napkins. So perfect. I’ve been procrastinating making some for myself. Recipe cards too. It’s funny because I sent her some too! Great minds think alike.
magazines, headband and art kit
Again, we thought alike. Same pattern for the headband. Magazines and wait, what’s in the box?
portable art kit
It’s a portable art kit! With pastels! I’ve been wanting pastels! I can’t wait to use them.

cale looking for bugs
And here’s Cale’s favorite thing ever. A bug catching kit. He has talked about it all day. It even makes cricket noises (there are no crickets here.)
Looking for ants to grab with the tweezers
And here he is attempting to catch ants. I’m trying to talk him into catching a slug…

So thank you Jennifer. So much. I will think of you every time we picnic. Hope that’s not creepy! 😀