A Week of Thanks – Day 7

25 11 2006

Day 7 – Crafts

First let me say that I’m glad today is the last day. Whew!

Crafting. Its what I do. Its who I am. I really love crafting. When I’m not crafting, I’m thinking of something to make, working stuff out in my head. It keeps me sane. I really believe that. It gives such a huge sense of accomplishment when I finish a large project and it turned out great.
november2006 022

I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m a stay at home mom without cable. My house can only be so clean! I’m seriously confused about what other moms do during naptimes!

I have always enjoyed drawing.  As a teenager, I really wanted to learn to sew.  I took home ec and failed that portion though!  I just could not get pockets!  I learned how to sew while working at a costume store.  I loved it from the beginning.  I would even spend my days off sewing.  At one point, I asked to go part time so I could sew more at home.

It just kind of progressed from there.  And now I am here, a craft junkie and proud of it.  I try to craft everyday.  I don’t watch tv.  I try to only craft when Cale’s sleeping or when Kevin takes care of him.  I think I’m raising a mini craft junkie though!  That kid loves glue and scissors!  Now he’s starting to like beads.  Its funny.  I bet he would sew if I let him!

november2006 021

Today I spent my entire day crafting while Kevin looked after Cale.  I had a few interruptions (eating 2 meals, peeing, you know normal stuff) but for the most part I got to work all day.  The top picture is a WIP, my advent calendar.  I love how the garland turned out.  Its my favorite so far.

This next picture is also a WIP.  It was my practice run for my adult craft day for MOMS Club.  We’ll be making domino pendants and I just wanted to make sure it was do-able.  I didn’t even know if my dremel could drill into a domino.  It can but it stinks something awful!!!  I’m going to try a few more things to get it perfect.  The main thing is that I messed up the pixels when I resized my image.  They’re printed on lazertran paper in case anyone’s interested.

In the lower lefthand corner is a photo album that I covered in patchworked oilcloth.  This will be my craft journal.  More on this later….


A Week of Thanks – Day 6

24 11 2006

Day 6 – Inspiration

I’m so thankful for all of the great sources of inspiration in my life.  There are so many wonderful blogs that I read.  Sometimes the inspiration is direct (ie. I want to make the same thing) and more often than not, indirect (seeing one thing makes me think of something completely different.)  Sometimes these ideas get made, sometimes not.

Magazines and catalogs are also a great source for me.   I scour them for ideas, then rip out the pages and put them in either a binder or a file.  Some are sewing ideas, some for crafts, most for house ideas.  Anthropologie is my favorite catalog, I’ll have to say.

Sometimes inspiration comes from a silly comment from my son or husband.  Those are the best and the ones that make them the happiest.

And sometimes it comes from neccessity.  Not as fun, but still good.

So thank you to all of the inspiration in the world.  Chances are if I know you (in real life or blog life), that you have inspired me in some way.

(One more day of this and I promise tomorrow will be a good post.  I’ve got the entire day to craft.) 

A Week of Thanks – Day 5

23 11 2006

Day 5 -Lists

I love lists.  My house is covered in them.  Lists of lists, sometimes.  So here’s a list of things that make me thankful today.

  • My son calling me a pretty princess
  • When he brought me  a piece of dead grass and called it a flower.
  • Laughing so hard that my sides hurt and my eyes tear up.
  • Making my dad’s day (more on that later.)
  • That everyone I love is doing okay health wise, at a time when it seems like so many other bloggers are losing theirs.
  • Scissors and glue
  • Living in a country that doesn’t celebrate our holidays
  • Living in a country where Black Friday doesn’t exist
  • Tae-bo to work off mypumpkin cheesecake.  Thanks Billy!
  • Sunshine

I spent my first Thanksgiving away from my family crying, while my husband cooked everything.  Seven years later, I’m used to living away from them.  But I still miss them.  Maybe one day I’ll live close enough to spend holidays with them again.  (But I’m cooking!)

PS.  This really is a craft blog.  Hopefully I’ll get some crafts posted soon.

A Week of Thanks- Day 4

22 11 2006

 Day 4 – Being home
november2006 020

When we went to America recently, we realized how lucky we have it (in so many more ways than this). Our home is nice and comfortable. Our neighborhood is safe and clean and has tons of nice parks and lots of kids to play with. I love our home. Before I left, I wrote that I may realize that this is home and feel sad. Well, it is home, but I feel relieved. Feeling homeless is awful. When we first got here, it was terrifying. Absolutely, completely terrifying. This strange foreign country was well, foreign! So different. I never thought we would feel at home here.
november2006 015

But it is now. The unfamiliar is now familiar. It took forever to get back here (a whole week), but landing is Sicily was the best feeling of the whole trip. I don’t think many people here understand me when I say that. I still have nightmares about my trip, that we’re still traveling or trying to fit all of our stuff into our suitcases, but I’m glad we went.

I’m also thankful that my husband is home. We have only spent one Thanksgiving apart and it was pretty miserable.
november2006 011

I love being home.

***Pictures:  Top: I bought pretty gerber daisies for the table.  Nice and Thanksgiving-y.  They come in the prettiest colors here!

Middle: Cale has been to a lot of princess parties lately so he keeps wearing a crown and necklace  that he made while saying “I’m a pretty princess.”  I love this.

Bottom: My painting hung in the living room, reflected in the mirror.  What you can’t see are the big holes next to it where shelves hung for a whole 30 minutes before ripping out of the wall and falling.  Stupid concrete walls!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A Week of Thanks – Day 3

21 11 2006

Day 3 – I’m thankful to be me.


“One of these things are not like the others.”

Growing up I used to always look at this picture of my sisters, my mom and me and know I was different (I’m in red).  (Of course it didn’t help when my sisters used to cruelly insist that I was adopted.)  And I was different.  I was an “Emy” in a house with a Lisa, Jennifer, and a Debbie.  I hated my name growing up.  I hated my middle name (Lou) even more; it sounded so country.   I acted different too.  I was the one who would cry at a drop of a hat.  I once cried in first grade because I was the only one who brought my lunch.  I was so painfully shy that I used to hide behind my mother’s legs.  As a mother of a child who is also shy, I feel for her.  I can’t imagine having a sensitive child as well!  I was the one who loved Barbies the most.  I carried purses from the time I was in kindergarden.  I loved to draw.  I read constantly.  I was quiet.  I was smart, the nerd of the family.

I still feel very different from my family (and even more so from my husband’s family) but I embrace my differentness now.  I love my name (incidentally as much as I always hated living in the country as a child, I find that that is my desire as an adult.)  I’m still the arty, quiet one.  I’m still the one who is likely to show up somewhere waaaaaaay overdressed, just because I like pretty clothes.  I’m good with that.  I’m glad I found myself early on.  I hope  that Cale enjoys being “Cale”.

Yes, its good to be me.

A Week of Thanks – Day 2

21 11 2006

Day 2 – My sweet husband (better late than never)

I am so thankful for Kevin. We married young, but almost 8 years later, we’re still going strong. It was rough at first. We fought a lot, then came a 6 month deployment.

He does so much for me. He supports all of my artistic/crafty endeavors, even crafting with me sometimes. He’s my biggest fan, I think.  And then he does nice stuff for me, even when its a pain in the butt, like drilling holes into our concrete walls so I can hang stuff.  Even if it takes an hour and involves many bad words.

He pushes me to do things that I didn’t think I could.

Like getting on ski lifts! Eeek! I’m terrified of heights but he sits beside me and holds my hand, no matter how uncomfortable it gets to be.

april2006 009

And he gave me Cale. Who looks just like him.  And he’s a great father to him.  They play soccer daily.  And he even looked up the lyrics to songs so he could sing to him (this is something I tease him about all the time. Who doesn’t know twinkle twinkle little star?!?)  And because sometimes he sings Dora at work and I love that he’s that big of a dork.  😀  I’m very fortunate to have a happy family.  Just like the Barney song.

A Week of Thanks- Day 1

19 11 2006

Day-1: Being Cale’s mom.

Children teach you so much. Patience, love, appreciating small things, what quirky habits you have that you never even realized until you notice your child doing it all the time. The list is endless. Being a mom has not been easy for me. I’m a motherless mother, though not in the traditional sense. My mother is not dead; she left us when I was 11, my brother only 3. I wish I had someone to ask questions, someone to get advice from. We have only had sporadic contact with her over the years, sometimes going for a few years at a time with no contact at all. I have always resented mothers and people who have them. Now I’m one. I’m trying my best to let him know how much I love him. I think he knows.

I appreciate being able to stay home with him. I cherish what little time we spend snuggling. I truly adore him. He makes me a better person. I love all of the silly things he does. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know. Pregnancy and delivery were pure hell, but one smile from this kid makes it all worth it. Even on bad days I’m thankful I have him.